The NHL regular season has nearly reached its two-week point. Some players have really stood out, including Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs. He leads the NFL in goals scored with 10 and also has four assists through six games. Right behind him, is teammate Morgan Reilly, who has three goals and 10 assists through six games. The Maple Leafs are showing that they are hungry this season.

Auston Matthews

Is it no surprise that Auston Matthews is the leader of points and goals in the NHL. The Toronto Maple Leafs knew what they were getting when they drafted and signed Matthews.

Auston Matthews represents many star qualities as an NHL player. He shows tenacity, toughness, fast skating abilities, a heck of a release shot, and that he comes to win. Auston Matthews is the type of player that does whatever it takes to keep his team in the game. Auston Matthews has helped the Leafs win games this year, alongside help from players like Morgan Reilly, Mitch Marner, and John Tavares. Auston Matthews makes the game look so easy, especially when he can score 10 goals in six games. Essentially, the Leafs have great odds to win the Stanley Cup, despite only making it to the first round in the playoffs last season. Matthews is also in line to win the Hart Trophy, and that is huge for a player as young as he is.

Leafs top Capitals

A big test for Auston Matthews and the Toronto Maple Leafs was playing the Washington Capitals. They knew it wouldn't be easy, as the Leafs played the Capitals in the playoffs and lost. Let's not forget that the Washington Capitals also won the Stanley Cup last season. Long story short, the Toronto Maple Leafs topped the Washington Capitals, winning 4-2.

Matthews also scored his 10th goal in this game, assisted by Kapanen and Rielly. As many have described it, Matthews' pace has been seen as a torrid one. According to ABC News, Matthews joins Mario Lemieux as the only players in the past 30 years with at least 10 goals in their team's first six games.

Impress for success

All Matthews has done has continued to impress.

For example, Matthews and Tavares both scored two goals against the Dallas Stars. Matthews has impressed with the ultimate success, as in the game, Matthews put the Leafs in the lead within 39 seconds of the Leafs' first power play. The Leafs have shown that they are great on the power play and in overtime this season, so far. Overall, you don't want to make any mistakes with the Leafs or go to overtime, as they can be dangerous on the power play and with three-on-three. Auston Matthews shall continue to impress and is expected to reach 50 goals if he continues with the pace he is at.