A recent LeBron James interview on CNN brought Donald Trump to Twitter to react, and it wasn't to praise the NBA star. Instead, President Trump criticized both the interview, Don Lemon and LeBron, for the interview. Trump tweeted this past Friday that Lemon made LeBron appear "smart" and that it's not easy to do. He also added "I like Mike!" as another jab at LeBron, with Trump seeming to take sides in the famous Jordan vs. LeBron debate. Despite the mocking tweet, LeBron had plenty of supporters on his side, including Stephen Curry, Bradley Beal, and other athletes.

Curry, Beal tweet in LeBron's defense

Three-time NBA Champion and two-time MVP. Stephen Curry may be one of LeBron's rivals each year in the NBA Finals, but they're friends off the court. Curry was supportive of LeBron opening a new school in Akron, Ohio, last week. He also gave a brief message to support James after Trump's attack on Twitter.

Fellow All-Star, Bradley Beale, from the Washington Wizards was also quick to post his thoughts on Twitter. Beal simply tweeted "Tired of you!" in response to Trump's tweet about LeBron James. That garnered over 26,000 Likes and about 6,000 comments from other Twitter users speaking to Beal's post about LeBron and the president.

Other NBA stars defend LeBron

NBA star Donovan Mitchell was right up there with Ben Simmons last season in the Rookie of the Year race. He was also right there on Twitter to give his thoughts about what the president said about LeBron James. Mitchell tweeted about the impact of the president's words on the future generation in the United States.

Minnesota Timberwolves big man Karl-Anthony Towns also posted a statement on Twitter.

He discussed the fact that the president keeps flexing his Twitter fingers rather than solving real-world issues. Towns brought up the Flint, Michigan water situation as an example.

Former NBA player Matt Barnes never seemed to shy away from incidents on the court, or off it. He took to Twitter to express his disappointment in the president's tweet.

Barnes also suggested that LeBron should be commended for what he did this past week, which likely is in reference to the new public school LeBron opened.

Other athletes also took to Twitter

It wasn't just NBA players coming to LeBron James' defense on Twitter. There were a number of other professional athletes who had something to say. That included former NFL star and current Fox Sports 1 personality, Shannon Sharpe.

Sharpe hasn't had any problems speaking his mind on "Undisputed" with Skip Bayless in the opposite chair. He didn't have any problems coming to LeBron's aid on Twitter either.

Current NFL stars Ben Watson and Torrey Smith also joined in. Watson suggested that the president shouldn't be insulting fellow Americans. Watson also indicated that this will be Trump's legacy, rather than any other items he might accomplish during his term.

Torrey Smith is a new member of the Carolina Panthers' receiving corps. He also exercised his freedom of speech on Twitter. Smith told people to start realizing what the president is all about based on this recent "late night tweet."

Others who stepped up in defense of LeBron James included Olympian and "Dancing With the Stars" alumni Adam Rippon, the Houston Astros' Alex Bregman, former NFL player Andrew Hawkins, Timberwolves player Anthony Tolliver, and art-activist Aaron Maybin.

There was also an interesting tweet from Nick "Swaggy P" Young suggesting that LeBron James will be president one day. "King James" reportedly broke up a nightclub fight involving fellow NBA stars and seems to be a role model for Americans. Based on what LeBron said in his interview with Lemon on CNN, he may also be forced to run for office if it looks like there won't be a candidate capable of winning the next election.