Ever since LeBron James joined the Los Angeles Lakers, a flurry of NBA rumors about other players wanting to go there have surfaced. Some of those rumors started before LeBron arrived, with Paul George and Kawhi Leonard mentioned for months. In more recent weeks, both All-Stars are still on their current teams. Newer NBA rumors about Carmelo Anthony or even Damian Lillard have popped up, suggesting them as the next player who could be headed to Los Angeles. However, Lillard seems content with where he is.

Lillard shuts down rumors

According to ESPN's report, the Portland Trail Blazers star is suggesting he's highly committed to staying with his current team.

He told reporters recently, "I love where I live. I love the organization. I love our coaching staff. I love where I am." In addition, he said "I'm not unhappy" in terms of his current situation. The latest comments come amid speculation that the Lakers could decide to go after either the Spurs' Kawhi Leonard or Portland's Lillard in a blockbuster NBA trade. So far it seems the Lakers are comfortable waiting things out.

Lillard also addressed the team's playoff situation and said he's going to do what it takes to get them there. The former NBA All-Star has three years left on his contract right now with the Trail Blazers. Based on the recent statements he doesn't seem to be interested in a trade unless it's to bring another star to the roster to play with he and CJ McCollum.

Portland's NBA 2018-19 outlook

Portland finished at 49-33 last season and won the Pacific Division. They'll be trying to repeat that accomplishment, although, with Paul George back in OKC, the Thunder will challenge. The division features five teams that all contended for a playoff spot last season, but the Trail Blazers have been gaining experience there.

The Portland Trail Blazers were relatively active during NBA free agency, as they picked up Nik Stauskas and Seth Curry to add to the roster. Along with Caleb Swanigan, Maurice Harkless, and Meyers Leonard, it should provide more depth off the bench.

Unfortunately, not only do the Trail Blazers have a tough division full of potential playoff teams, they also keep drawing the task of facing Golden State in the playoffs.

Even if they don't face them as the first matchup, this team isn't necessarily able to contend with the likes of the Houston Rockets or Golden State in any round. Lillard may soon grow unhappy with the lack of playoff success if his team continues to bow out in the early part of the postseason. Don't be surprised if he's one of the next stars in upcoming seasons to demand a trade in order to try to find the success. Then again, he may be one of the most loyal guys in the league beyond Russell Westbrook, who threw a party for a teammate.