On the eve of NBA free agency 2018, Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star Russell Westbrook is throwing a huge party in the city. Unfortunately for fans, it's a private affair, complete with a non-disclosure agreement. However, the good news is that his teammate, Paul George, is in town for the event, and it could be a sign of good things to come in terms of PG13 re-signing with the team.

Westbrook's big bash

ESPN's Royce Young reported on Saturday night (June 30) that Thunder star Russell Westbrook was hosting the private party, with Paul George having arrived in OKC earlier.

The event was referred to as the "summer hype house party" set to go down at a property located near Lake Arcadia. Just about 500 people were part of the guest list and there were also plans for a "surprise performance by a multi-platinum artist." ESPN's sources indicated that hip-hop star Nas was the artist scheduled for the party.

There wasn't much else mentioned in terms of the reason that the party was arranged. While it could be just a fun bash that the Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star wanted to throw for the summer, it could also be part of a big announcement.

Apparently, all of the invited guests have been required to sign a non-disclosure agreement for their attendance at the party. That could indicate the NBA stars don't want any of the mayhem that goes on during the party to end up leaked somewhere else. It could be a party to unveil something quite exciting earlier than the rest of the world will learn about it.

It's possible Westbrook and George have teamed up for some sort of collaboration, or maybe Westbrook has a new fashion line he's debuting.

Celebration for Paul George?

With the news of Russell Westbrook's "hype house party" also comes speculation that it's some sort of major event to celebrate PG13 deciding to remain a member of OKC's roster.

George has been part of the NBA rumors for months now, suggesting he would decide to leave the Thunder after one season and head to Los Angeles to play with the Lakers. However, more recent reports have suggested he may have been leaning toward remaining with the Thunder for another two to three years.

The speculation involving George to the Lakers started to build up a bit with the recent news that Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James was opting out of the final year of his contract with the team.

That news came on Friday (June 29), with a photo of a moving truck at LeBron's gated property making the rounds on the internet on Saturday.

It was believed that Magic Johnson and the Lakers were doing everything they could to attract both LeBron James and Paul George to their team. However, the sentiment seems to be that maybe LeBron will head there on his own for now, with Paul George giving another shot at seeing what he can do in Oklahoma City with Russell Westbrook. If that's the case, it continues to make the Western Conference even more stacked than the East and one has to wonder how LeBron will fare on the Lakers if he is the only major star in L.A. next season.