With the departure of LeBron James from Cleveland, Cavaliers rumors are now swirling about potential trades. All-Star Kevin Love has been frequently mentioned as a possible player on the move. However, it seems that the Cavs may not be interested in that sort of deal just yet. Meanwhile, another player that they could soon trade is sharpshooter Kyle Korver.

Love staying in Cleveland

The Plain Dealer's Terry Pluto reported on the potential for a Kevin Love trade. Pluto mentioned that Cavs GM Koby Altman has been steadfast, saying the team isn't planning to deal Love.

However, as Pluto mentioned, telling the media that Kevin Love is going to be available for a trade may not be the smartest move.

With that said, it's also noted that one NBA executive recently said: "Unless they get blown away by an offer, I think they'll open the season with Love." However, the executive also said that Love will be in demand by the trade deadline.

The multiple-time NBA All-Star has just one year left on his current Cleveland Cavaliers contract and then gets a player option for 2019-20. That means he can join free agency next summer along with a selection of other stars including Kawhi Leonard and Kemba Walker.

During the NBA Finals, it became apparent that outside of LeBron James, Kevin Love was the only other player really capable of giving a noteworthy performance.

His overall playoff numbers declined from the previous season but were still decent.

For the postseason, Love averaged nearly 15 points to go with over 10 rebounds a game, giving the team a solid double-double contributor. Right now, he is the main star on a team that is now rebuilding. However, as the season progresses it wouldn't be surprising if the Cleveland Cavs figured out some sort of deal to benefit the roster moving forward.

Cavs may move Korver

A player that many NBA fans felt disappeared during the 2018 NBA Finals was Kyle Korver. Usually a steady sharpshooter, fans weren't hearing Mike Breen yell "Bang" too many times for Korver's long-range bombs. He's still a valuable player for the right roster, it just might not be Cleveland at this point.

Pluto notes in his Plain Dealer article that he's heard the "Cavs are looking to move Korver." He's due $7.5 million this season in Cleveland and another $7.5 million in 2019-20 with $3.4 million guaranteed. One team that Pluto mentions as a potential trade partner is (ironically) the Los Angeles Lakers, where James now plays.

Another interesting aspect about the potential trades is the fact that the Cavs are rebuilding and may want to go after high draft picks for the future. By unloading Korver and Love, they could conceivably make their team bad enough to finish amongst the top 10 worst teams. They've got an unprotected top 10 pick they sent to Atlanta for Korver which could fall into their laps next summer if the Hawks aren't in the lottery order's top 10 picks.