It didn't take too long after the news that LeBron James was going to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers for LaVar Ball to make some noise. The father of Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball usually has an opinion on most matters related to his son and the team. With the news that King James was going to agree to a deal to leave Cleveland for L.A., LaVar is giddy about the possibilities. In fact, he's already giving the Golden State Warriors some extra incentive for meetings with the Lakers in the regular season and possibly in the playoffs.

LaVar knew it all along

Before Lonzo Ball was even selected as the Lakers' No. 2 pick, LaVar Ball was making predictions. Some of those have come true, while others have given people something to laugh over. His predictions that Lonzo would lead the Lakers into the playoffs in his rookie season didn't exactly pan out. It also appears that his claim that all three of his sons would play together on the Lakers' roster isn't going to happen anytime soon. The other prediction he made, was to state that trading his son would be a bad move for the team.

However, LaVar Ball also claims he "called LeBron to LA.[sic]" TMZ caught up with LaVar Ball at the BBB pop-up shop at Sole Play in Atlanta where he said he "knew he was coming to L.A., man!

Everything lined up for me!" A lot of people may have predicted that move, so it's not necessarily anything brilliant on LaVar's part. There have been analysts and fans who felt Magic Johnson would be able to woo LeBron James enough to get him to sign. Others predicted it due to the fact LeBron has homes in the area. The speculation had been going on throughout the past season.

So, while those remarks weren't all that bold, it's the other comments that LaVar Ball made that may be his most audacious yet.

LaVar believes Lakers will destroy Warriors

One thing that Lonzo Ball's dad is known for is making some outrageous statements. He continued that trend by claiming that this Lakers team is going to destroy the reigning champions.

Even though Golden State added another All-Star to their roster with DeMarcus Cousins, LaVar still feels it's not enough. Ball proclaimed, "The Warriors can sign Boogie, Prince, Michael Jordan ... anybody they want! They still ain't gonna win with this team right here -- the Lakers with LeBron!"

He would go on to mention that the fact they brought the player around to team up with "his son" to help the Los Angeles Lakers win titles. When asked how many titles are on the way, LaVar replied there will be four championships. That works out perfectly with the number of years LeBron James has signed with the team. LaVar amended that statement to "guarantee two" titles "when all my boys is on the Lakers with him.[sic]" Clearly, the proud father of Lonzo, LaMelo, and Liangelo is still trying to get that prediction to become accurate.

Will LaVar's antics have any sort of ill effects on this Lakers team? If he talks too much, some people feel it could even result in his son being traded before there's any chance to win that first NBA title.