The Los Angeles Lakerseventful offseason continues, as they have already signed a hoard of players in addition to LeBron James. The Lakers are still hoping to land Kawhi Leonard in a deal with the San Antonio Spurs.

Leonard, 27, is a Los Angeles native and is determined to play for the Lakers. He has publically expressed his desire to play in Los Angeles and is still trying to force a trade. However, San Antonio’s asking price remains very high for Leonard.

In talks with the Philadelphia 76ers, the Spurs asked for three first-round picks and two undisclosed players.

Obviously, since Leonard is determined to land in Los Angeles, rival teams are hesitant to give up the house for Leonard.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, the Lakers have the same exact mentality. Knowing that Leonard wants to play for them, they do not want to give up too much for the 2014 Finals MVP. The Lakers would, at most, give up one or two of their young players and a first-round pick. But, the Spurs want more – way more.

San Antonio’s ridiculous asking price for Kawhi

The Spurs have held talks with the Lakers, and the asking price is ridiculously high. San Antonio is asking for Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart, two first-round picks, and two picks swaps for Leonard.

If this is going to be the steady asking price for Leonard, the Lakers will most likely wait to try and sign Kawhi in free agency next summer.

So far, Los Angeles has signed four players to one-year deals, essentially maintaining its flexibility for next free agency.

Lakers’ future plans with Leonard

With all those one-year deals expiring next year, the Lakers will yet again have a max contract slot open to offer to Kawhi Leonard. Also, if they are unable to dump Luol Deng’s contract this year, the Lakers may find it easier to trade him next season since he will be an expiring contract.

Although they landed LeBron James, the Lakers have still a lot of work to do. They were hoping to land multiple stars this year but only captured one. The Lakers also passed up on DeMarcus Cousins most likely due to his injury concern. Perhaps Cousins could be a target again next year if he can make a full recovery in Golden State.

As far as trading for Leonard this season, the Spurs may get anxious and eventually lower the asking price for him. They know that it’s a major risk to keep Leonard on the team when he is eventually going to leave, and the Spurs won’t receive any assets in return.