The Los Angeles Lakers didn't have a top pick in the lottery last night like last year. In 2017, they selected the highly-touted Lonzo Ball from UCLA at No. 2 overall. Along with Ball came those rookie growing pains that many young players have when they enter the league. It also came with what some people feel is a major headache in the form of his outspoken father, LaVar Ball. One season has passed and Ball seems like he has potential as a star playmaker. However, NBA rumors have emerged that L.A. could part ways with some players including Lonzo.

LaVar Ball commented about them potentially trading his son.

TMZ catches up with LaVar Ball

Per Bleacher Report, TMZ recently interviewed the proud father of Lonzo Ball. LaVar spoke about the trade speculation that has been out there since the team said that pretty much no players on the current roster are untradable. Of all the players currently on the team, maybe only Kyle Kuzma, who excelled more as a rookie than Lonzo, could be one the team holds onto. TMZ caught up with the father of LaMelo, Liangelo, and Lonzo at a recent basketball game. The interviewer brought up the possibilities of the Lakers trading his son. LaVar Ball said he wasn't worried about trades, and "If they wanna trade him, trade him." He added to the conversation, "It'll be the worst move they ever made."

It's not surprising that LaVar feels that way, as he continues to praise and promote the abilities of his son as a future superstar.

LaVar has continued to play the role of pitchman for his son as a brand, while also trying to develop his own related business ventures on the side. He's been the top marketing expert for the Lonzo Ball brand thus far and will likely continue that role.

Lonzo Ball's situation

In his first season with the L.A. Lakers, Lonzo Ball finished with 10.2 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 7.2 assists per game.

The rookie participated in 52 of the team's 82 games, as injuries kept him out for about a third of the season. However, those numbers seem on track to be similar to Jason Kidd numbers early on. The biggest flaw continues to be his shooting, with a field goal percentage of 36 percent, three-point rate of 30.5 percent, and 45.1 percent free throw shooting.

As it was just his rookie season, he's got time to improve. The Los Angeles Lakers' top executives, including Magic Johnson and Rob Pilinka, have emphasized they'll be trying to land some top free agents. Those rumored players include Paul George or LeBron James as free agents, and Kawhi Leonard, who would need a trade from the Spurs. With that said, Magic Johnson and company may decide that winning now is the way to go. That could mean that having a still-inexperienced point guard like Lonzo Ball running things won't work in the "win now" model.

Still, it's hard to argue against the fact that Magic touted Lonzo Ball as their future "face of the franchise." If he was being realistic, Lonzo will be in the team's plans going forward as they look to continue contending for titles.