Kyrie Irving still has his love for Cleveland after giving one lucky fan one of the best souvenirs ever. In a post game by the Boston Celtics in Philadelphia, Irving saw this young fan wearing his Cleveland Cavaliers jersey.He couldn't let the opportunity pass without giving some love to a fan who remained faithful to him (wearing his Cleveland jersey in a Celtics game).

After the game, Kyrie proceeded to give the fan his game-worn Nike Kyrie 3 shoes but that's not the best part.

He even accommodated the kid's request to have him sign both shoes. It was a night to remember for the kid, but for Kyrie, it was a gesture that allowed him to thank everyone who became part of his NBA career especially the fans.

Kyrie Irving's trade request

The former Cleveland Cavaliers player requested a trade in July that shocked the NBA league. Working alongside LeBron James, Irving didn't seem to mind that duo has spent three straight seasons to the NBA finals. During talks about the trade, Irving is rumored to have provided Cavs owner Dan Gilbert his preferred teams mainly the Miami Heat, New York Knicks, and San Antonio Spurs.

It was later revealed that he's being traded to the Boston Celtics for Isaiah Thomas, Ante Zizic, and Jae Crowder.

With all the reports saying he left Cleveland because he didn't want to work with LeBron James anymore, Irving eventually denied the rumors saying, his transfer is purely motivational and he's ready to take another big leap that will test his own capabilities.

Kyrie Irving in Boston

Kyrie Irving gave his first Celtics jersey to his father Drederick Irving.

During a press conference wherein he was introduced alongside Gordon Hayward, Irving thanked the Cavs franchise for their incredible support during his tenure. He also thanked James for all the times they played together and how incredible he has been during the team's quest for a championship.

Meanwhile, Kyrie Irving has some good things to says about Jayson Tatum who's still struggling to find a spot on the Celtics roster.

While it may seem clear where he's heading, the rookie player once again finds himself adjusting after Kyrie Irving arrived on the scene. But the case doesn't affect Irving in any way saying, "I'm serious when I tell you guys that that dude is a bad dude." he also added that when it comes to Tatum, the "sky's the limit."

The Boston Celtics have won their last two preseason games against the Charlotte Hornets and Philadelphia 76ers.