After finding the change he needed in Boston, Kyrie Irving said he will re-sign with the Boston Celtics next season primarily because of the franchise's incredible culture. The veteran point guard drew ire when he previously mentioned "playing in a 'real live, sports city'" after leaving Cleveland. While the Celtics star has another season to venture before making the important decision, an interview with The Athletic's Shams Charania shed light on Kyrie Irving's plans.

"Most importantly, it’s being connected to an incredible, incredible culture that has existed way before me," Kyrie said.

Apparently, Kyrie's hope of getting a championship outside LeBron James' shadow still stands and the Boston Celtics is one lucky team.

Kyrie Irving talks about leaving Cleveland

In a rare interview where the former Cleveland star discussed his decision to leave the Cavaliers, Kyrie said he was at a dead end, and didn't know exactly what to do. He knew, however, that he needed to make a change; taking the bold move of asking for a trade. In a matter of time, Kyrie admits he came to a point where he didn't know what and where to go while he was still in Cleveland.

While he knew there were big changes ahead of him, Kyrie Irving looked at the situation as something that will play a great role in his growth as an NBA player. "I knew there was a part of my career that I envisioned myself being in.

And I knew that challenge was not gonna come being where I was."

Factors that led to Kyrie Irving's decision to stay with the Celtics

According to the NESN, Kyrie obviously kept his options open with the possibility of transferring to another team."I had obviously a lot of considerations going there — going elsewhere — but naturally, you want to keep your options open." He mentioned his teammates and how incredible they are.

The coaching staff of the Boston Celtics left a good impression, hence his decision to stay and learn more from them.

While he admits still "thinking' about Cleveland, Kyrie's hopes of honing his skills found him on his way to the Boston Celtics and he plans to stay longer if he can. According to him, thinking about his future especially during his prime is what matters most.

Admittedly, his decision to leave his former team scared him, but there were considerations that made him realize he made the right decision. In the case of the Boston Celtics team, the new season has a lot to offer and the challenges vary in a very competitive way.

With Lebron James signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, it is apparent that the other NBA teams including the Boston Celtics are cramming to adjust to the new LA roster.