Next week on CBS' "Madam Secretary: Season 4, Episode 17," the United States' arms deal with Iran is on the verge of breaking down after the senator Carlos Morejon (Jose Zuniga) insists the Middle Eastern country financed a recent terror attack that killed an American citizen. In order to push through with the deal, Elizabeth Mccord (Tea Leoni) must provide a credible and convincing argument. Phase Two of the deal is proving to be more difficult than it's already been.

Senator Morejon's accusations came after the show's last episode entitled "My Funny Valentine" featured the bombing of the embassy in Mali.

Now, it's up to Elizabeth whether to lift sanctions against Iran or continue the deal with few steps back.

What to expect on the next episode of 'Madam Secretary'

According to CarterMatt, the arms deal is an important milestone between the US and Iran and maybe that's why the Secretary is eager to make the deal happen. On the next episode of "Madam Secretary," fans will be able to witness the Secretary's wit and intelligence in making things happen. We all know that she is also good at working the sideline; using her and the States' influence to get what she wants.

Meanwhile, "Madam Secretary: Season 4, Episode 17" will also feature the Secretary's husband, Henry McCord (Tim Daly) wanting the chairmanship at the National War College's Military Ethics Department.

Now, Henry has been part of several CIA missions while his wife Elizabeth is the Secretary of State and his interest in the challenging job is nothing new.

The all-new episode of "Madam Secretary" will surround the issues of Iran's involvement in such terror attacks, leaving the United States to provide a legitimate reason on why they are dealing with a dangerous ally.

With all the apprehension and dealing with terrorists amid what could possibly be the start of a new relationship, the Secretary of State is faced with yet another challenge that most fans will know "she'll be able to handle."

About CBS' 'Madam Secretary'

"Madam Secretary," tells the story of a former CIA analyst who left the service citing ethical reasons.

Elizabeth McCord accepted the job as Secretary of State upon the request of her friend and the United States President Conrad Dalton, played by Keith Carradine. Her experience in the CIA, as well as her time serving in the Middle East, made her fit the position. As soon as duties began, her divided time between raising a family and doing her job as a public servant became the center of series' story.