Lonzo Ball is not afraid that his father's outspoken nature will affect his NBA career. A report by Yahoo! Sports compared the young Ball to Lakers coach Luke Walton when he joined the NBA in 2003. Walton's father is a well known, outspoken TV commentator for the NBA games. Luke was destined to get the stare down from veterans but like any other rookie who wants to prove something, he didn't suffer "bullying" instead, he thrived.

Now, it looks like Lonzo Ball is treading the same path because of Lavar Ball's unbelievable comments online. LaVar has been unstoppable when it comes to promoting his sons' signature shoes (which most NBA stars say is overpriced).

But his unperturbed comments even made him popular.

LaVar Ball's unforgettable comments

Earlier this month, during an interview with ClutchPoints, LaVar said: "Let me tell you this, it will be a great fit, and LeBron is coming to L.A. What's in Cleveland? You want to be a superstar, man." These are just a few of what LaVar is capable of saying, something that may lead to some veterans looking down at Lonzo.

Lonzo Ball, on the other hand, is not worried at all. In an interview with NBC Sports, featured on Yahoo he said: "Nah. Speaking for my teammates, they already know how he is so it’s never been a problem, and I don’t think it’s going to be a problem." He further added that the "Ball in the Family" reality series is helping them make people realize who LaVar is in real life.

"I think they’re already seeing it because I get a lot of feedback on the show, and a lot more people are seeing the person that he really is," he added.

After LaVar Ball said some scathing comments about LeBron James sons and Lonzo Ball being better than Stephen Curry, it's a lot for Lonzo to adjust and try to ignore such comments.

Instead, he said all the good things his father taught him such as working out and building his physical strength, nutrition, and other things that will help him improve on the court.

Reggie Miller on Lonzo Ball, LaVar Ball

Meanwhile, in an interview with Reggie Miller on the NBC Sports, he commented on how LaVar is building pressure on Lonzo when he said his son is better than Curry.

"Oh! there's a bullseye. First of all, there is already a huge bullseye on all the Ball kids," he said. Miller did not fault LaVar for believing in his son, but to compare him to a two time MVP who contributed so much in the NBA over the past years, it's a lot of pressure for Lonzo.

As for Lonzo Ball's shoes, the ZO2 compared to the Melo 1, Lonzo said he will wear the ZO2 on Los Angeles Lakers' opening night.