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You do not need to be a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. You just need to be a fan of basketball in order to appreciate its newest star, Lonzo Ball. Ball is a 19-year-old phenom who is destined to do great things. Born on October 27, 1997, he is the oldest of three brothers. Basketball runs in Lonzo's blood because both his parents played basketball at the collegiate level. His infamous father, LaVar Ball, built a basketball court in their backyard with one goal in mind - to train and build three basketball stars. Lonzo is the first fruit that has appeared, and he seems to be the most special one.

After leading Chino Hills High School to a national championship and winning several individual awards, Lonzo, an LA native, quickly succeeded to turn people's heads during his single season at UCLA. Ball averaged 14.6 points, 7.6 assists, and 6.0 rebounds. At 6 ft 6 in, he proved to be a unique point guard with exceptional passing skills. More importantly, Lonzo was able to take a deficient team on his back and lead it to an impressive 31-5 record, which was a drastic improvement from the 15-17 record the year before. The Bruins also led the nation in both scoring (89.8 points) and field goal percentage (52.2%). Ball marveled the country as he displayed an all-around game and a unique ability to make his teammates better.

And then Lonzo Ball became an NBA player. But he did not become any NBA player, he became a Los Angeles Lakers player. Against many odds, the Lakers were able to secure the number 2 draft pick and select the local kid Lonzo Ball, and that was exactly what LaVar Ball had curiously predicted. Magic Johnson, President of Basketball Operations, purposely picked a player who somewhat plays like he did back in the day and who has the potential to quickly turn around a franchise, which is what Magic also did. The spotlight is sharper in LA than anywhere else. Will Lonzo Ball be able to live up to the hype? Lakers fans certainly have reasons to believe so.

The fact that Lonzo was able to lead the Lakers to victory in the Summer League and win MVP proved to fans that he could be special. His infectious passing was very apparent, Now, head coach Luke Walton has handed him the reigns of the team. An up-tempo style of play is being implemented because of Ball and his genius on the open floor. Hope has been restored in Lakers Nation, and that is in great part thanks to Lonzo Ball. He won't say much yet, but he is ready to ball hard.

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