The entire basketball community was in shock after Kyrie Irving announced his decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers. It also surprised some of the players in the league. Although they lost in the last NBA finals, they proved to be a title contender.

Nevertheless, Kyrie Irving was motivated. He wanted to be in a team in which he would be the focal point. He was reportedly tired of playing alongside LeBron James. Apparently, though, Irving clarified all these talks about his departure.

Irving explains his side

According to ESPN, Irving admitted that he and James have not spoken ever since the trade happened.

Remember that he is now officially a player for the Boston Celtics. The trade came to a reality after the Cavalier agreed in exchange for Isaiah Thomas, two other players, and a 2018 draft pick. Interestingly, Irving praises his former team and talked about how they helped him in his career. He also clarified that his decision was based on his motivation to pursue an opportunity. For him, it was all about being able to accomplish more.

The Celtics formally introduced Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward in a press conference held in Boston. Irving said that he can no longer “wait” to be on the floor and “maximize” his potentials. He further said that he just wanted to be around the team’s “incredible” coaches and minds.

For him, Boston arrived at the exact time that he needed the push. “I’m glad to be here,” he said. For him, it was all about moving forward with a new opportunity that is best for his career as a whole. He admitted, however, that he learned a lot from James.

Praising James and his former teammates

Kyrie Irving mentioned how grateful he was that he had the opportunity to play with one of the greats in the league.

Referring to James, the All-Star point guard said that he had the “unique opportunity” to play with one of the best. Irving repeatedly mentioned that Boston is the right team for him. He said that with Boston, he will be in an environment ideal for his potential. He even clarified that leaving Cleveland was not about basketball.

It was more about developing his foundation in Cleveland and then taking the next steps towards his future career.

While everybody may understand Irving’s decision, not everyone is happy about. Critics said that he does not have the potentials to lead a team into a championship. Without LeBron, the point guard’s chances are slim.