Recently, reports announced that Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers has finally been traded. His new team would be the Boston Celtics. The trade deal involved isaiah thomas, few other players, and a draft pick.

However, it seems this trade is not over yet. According to Bleacher Report, the two organizations will still have to meet to discuss the deal they agreed Tuesday. Apparently, a reworking might possibly be involved.

Further discussions

The news was revealed by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, who said that the Celtics and the Cavaliers talked over the phone.

It was to conclude their planned meeting for Saturday. Conducting further discussions regarding the Irving-Thomas trade was mean. It is worth noting that the deal included Ante Zizic, Jae Crowder, and the 2018 first-round pick. The latter, in particular, was first acquired by the Celtics from the Brooklyn Nets. All of these just to acquire the All-Star point guard Irving.

Wojnarowski added that the Cleveland front office had some “uncertainty” about Thomas’ fitness. Basically, I.T. injured his hip last season. The ESPN reporter went on to say that Thomas underwent a physical fitness test, but the results were unsatisfactory. Now, it is believed that the Cavaliers will demand additional compensation from the Celtics.

Otherwise, the Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas trade deal might be canceled. Interestingly, Celtics general manager named Danny Ainge admitted that Cleveland had reservations due to Thomas’ hip injury.

Thomas’ injury history

Isaiah Thomas’ championship run last season was reportedly affected by his hip injury. Although he was able to put up some good numbers, his efficiency was just unlike the regular season.

Ainge declared sometime in June that Thomas’ hip was significantly improving. However, additional surgeries were required to ensure its 100 percent health. Ainge even admitted that the injury heavily influenced their decision to trade him. While getting a superstar in the form of Kyrie Irving is promising, most fans were not happy with the decision.

Their affection towards Thomas was just off the charts. He had quickly become the face of the team and wanted to become the Celtics' franchise player of the future.

Thomas’ rose to fame in NBA 2016-17. He averaged 28.9 points and 5.9 assists in all 76 games. The numbers were enough to help the Celtics clinch a 53-29 record. They even had the chance to play in the playoffs, though were swept by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Although Thomas is arguably a great player, his efficiency is significantly limited by his health. Some even questioned his ability to play defense. With the ongoing trade, it is interesting to see how Thomas will adjust in a team led by LeBron James.