This NBA offseason is perhaps among the most memorable ones in history. Well, this is thanks to Kyrie Irving who requested a trade. This became a huge shock to the entire basketball community.

But now, the Kyrie Irving drama is finally over. The All-Star point guard and former Cleveland Cavaliers player is set to take his talents to the Boston Celtics. This was after a trade package involving isaiah thomas was made official. However, many believe that the Celtics front office should have retained I.T. Well, actually, here are some reasons why the trade is a huge win for the Boston.

Irving is younger than Thomas

Sure, Isaiah Thomas became a massive scoring machine for the Celtics. He even helped the team big time in their playoffs run last season, though they were defeated. Regardless, I.T. became a franchise player and he was quickly adored by the Boston fans. However, it cannot be denied that his age is catching up already.

Simply put, Kyrie Irving is a younger player than Thomas. Irving still has the years to put up huge numbers. Even at a young age, he is already in his prime. This even goes without saying that health is not going to be an issue. Celtics can certainly make a franchise player out of Irving, something that he always wanted. It is even the main reason why he left the Cavaliers.

Thomas’ back injury

It is no secret to all NBA fans out there that Isaiah Thomas has suffered from back injury. This injury somehow affected his ability to play efficienctly in last season's playoffs. Reports point out that this could be one of the reasons why the Celtics decided to trade him.

While there is no doubting Thomas and his ability to score, he is limited by his health.

Remember, too, that he is aging. Irving, on the other hand, may have suffered an injury of but it was nothing major. With Irving's health and age, there is no doubt Boston won this blockbuster trade. If he proves to be a symbol of hope for the organization, then there is no reason not to believe he is going to be a franchise player.

Irving is just a better player than Thomas

This is perhaps the most hurtful truth involving Isaiah Thomas and Kyrie Irving. The latter is just way better than the former. Sure, Thomas can score 40 points or more in the 4th Quarter, but he is not as flexible as Irving. The former Cavaliers player can make huge plays, drive to the basket, and even hit the clutch of shots. So yes, the trade is definitely a huge win for the Boston Celtics.