A couple of weeks ago, the entire basketball community was shocked by Kyrie Irving’s decision. He basically announced his departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers by requesting a trade. Reports suggested that he simply wanted to be in a team in which he would be the focal point.

Finally, the anticipated trade involving Kyrie Irving happened. He has been traded to the Boston Celtics in a deal that included Isaiah Thomas, among others. Interestingly, the All-Star point guard has voiced out the truth behind his departure.

Irving explains everything

According to Clutch Points, Irving revealed his reason for leaving the Cavaliers in an introductory press conference with his new team.

The point guard clarified that, in one way or another, his decision was not about basketball. For him, it was something he had to do, as he thought it was best for him. He added that he wanted to be in an environment in which his potentials would be conducive. Interestingly, this is far from what he initially announced when the trade request came to surface. Nonetheless, there is nothing that the Cavaliers front office can do, but to trade him.

Kyrie Irving’s trade, however, was not that easy to pull off. It took at least a week for the people involved to get it done. Cleveland, on the other hand, was trying to take advantage of it due to Thomas’s injury. The team wanted to juice out more from the deal with the Celtics.

Fast forward Wednesday night, the trade became official. Irving will be playing alongside Gordon Hayward, with Al Harford being the only starter coming back from last season’s roster.

Tired of being a sidekick

Irving’s trade request revolved at him being a sidekick to LeBron James. In the past three seasons, he became James’ go-to guy in the guard department.

However, his efficiency was always overshadowed by James’ greatness. While this is true, it cannot be denied that Irving experienced a relentless trip to the finals. They even acquired a championship for their team, something the franchise has been so eager to reach.

Kyrie Irving further added that it was his very intent to be in “a group of individuals” that he can grow with.

He explained that while this is true, he never meant it as a “knock” on the Cleveland organization. Many still criticized Irving for his decision, pointing his potentials to bring a team to the finals. Others even mocked him, as they believe the decision was based on ego and pride. They think Irving did not even consider the fact that he went to the finals for three consecutive times. Now that he is in a new team, it is interesting to see if the can live up to the expectations.