Ever since Kyrie Irving announced his departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers, fans have been wondering what LeBron James next steps would be. While Derrick Rose is an interesting addition, his level of efficiency (after all the injuries) is not close to Irving. The team certainly needs a great player in the point guard division, despite Isaiah Thomas’ arrival.

But in a report from Silver Screen and Droll, LeBron James is looking to get Russell Westbrook to play alongside him. This is, of course, a far-fetch, but with the recent happenings in the off-season, anything can happen.

Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

James wants Westbrook

According to Eric Pincus from the Bleacher Report, there is a new rumor in the NBA free agency involving James and Westbrook. It suggests that The King is interested in teaming up with the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar. It is worth noting that Westbrook is going to be an unrestricted free agent come next summer. This is only possible of course if the reigning MVP decides to cut off his extension with the team. But if this really happens, the Cleveland Cavaliers will most likely be a tough competitor in the East division.

Remember that Westbrook is known for his athleticism, a trait that LeBron James also possesses. Unlike Irving, Westbrook can drive to the basket with force.

He is also capable of slamming his opponents, a signature move he is really known for. This duo is perhaps one of the most athletic in the entire NBA. Also, the two are known for leading their respective team in the scoring department. So, in a sense, it is interesting to see just how they are going to deal with this role.

James wearing the Purple and Gold

There are also rumors about LeBron James wanting to play with the Los Angeles Lakers with Lonzo Ball. But according to Pincus, this is far from being a reality. Nonetheless, there is still a window of opportunity if Westbrook becomes unavailable. Basically, this is where the front office can go for a “fallback” option involving James and Paul George.

But either way, fans will definitely see a very intense duo in the league.

LeBron James, in particular, needs a perfect point guard that can play hand-in-hand with him. This will be his primary goal if he decides to stay in Cleveland. With Irving’s departure, the team is left with a huge void to fill. Irving proved himself to be a significant part of the team. Remember that he helped his team win acquire the championship after nailing a three. Clearly, the Cavaliers needs a point guard that can fill Irving’s shoes.