Recently, news about Kyrie Irving leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers broke. He wanted to get out from under LeBron James’ shadow and form a team in which he would be the focal point. Obviously, this sent shockwaves throughout the entire basketball community.

It is worth noting that Kyrie Irving spent his entire six NBA seasons with the Cavaliers. While the trade is devastating, the organization still has the final say. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Zero communication

According to Sporting News, the All-Star point guard is not taking any calls from the Cleveland front office.

Both parties are not on speaking terms, making the trade more possible. But despite what is happening, the team’s owner Dan Gilbert is very positive. He believes that Irving will be back to join the upcoming training camp for next season’s NBA. However, Gilbert did not elaborate the true status of the trade. Rather, he iterated that the team and Irving both understand what they wanted to achieve as an organization.

It holds true, though, that the Cavaliers are not obligated to trade Kyrie Irving. The point guard still has a contract with the team. Therefore, there is a possibility that this trade will not happen. But of course, this is something that the front office could not simply take for granted.

Obviously, they would not want a player who has no desire to play with the team. This goes without saying that Irving and James, two of the team's superstars, now have a feud.

What Irving wants

Kyrie Irving’s true goal is to be the focal point of a team in the NBA. He wants to be the main guy, the one who is the face of the franchise.

Obviously, in Cleveland, he cannot do or achieve this. James will always be that face, making the point guard second. ESPN, on the other hand, notes that it is just impossible for two alpha males to exist in one place. While James is a legit superstar, Irving is on the same page. In fact, he put significant numbers in the past few seasons, most especially during the time when James was still in Miami.

Currently, in a report from Clutch Points, Kyrie Irving wants to play with the New York Knicks “very badly.” If this happens, there is a possibility that Carmelo Anthony will be traded to the Cavaliers. Of course, this is only possible if he waives his no-clause trade. Meanwhile, the Cavaliers just acquired the former Knicks player Derrick Rose for a one-year, veteran minimum deal.