In what appeared to be a shocking reveal, the phenomenal point guard Kyrie Irving is requesting a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers office. This obviously shocked the entire fandom of the team, most especially LeBron James, who thought everything was okay with him and Irving. Well, unfortunately, it is the other way around.

According to ESPN, despite what is happening, it cannot be denied that Kyrie Irving learned a lot from James. He will be forever grateful to The King, who helped him make history in Cleveland. Remember: the two, along with their teammates ended the title drought of the franchise.

Why Irving will be thankful to James for the rest of his life

James did not only deliver Irving to a championship chase; he also helped him win one. But if there is one thing that history is correct in, it is that titles can last forever, but partnerships will always be temporary. This is so true with these two, as they go on their separate ways. James, in particular, taught Irving – as well as everyone in the league – that the best players on Earth are always capable of influencing, shaping and even controlling fates and futures. James became the face of the franchise and dictated terms.

Kyrie Irving, on the other hand, is arguably one of the best players on the planet. Although his skills are far different from James, these are enough to complement each other on the floor.

But still, at the end of the day, he was merely an audience to the show that James was putting in.

He watched the former Miami Heat player sign short-term contracts, something that affected an organization’s will to move and decide. As much as a great player James is, he became a reason for the front office to do whatever it takes to satisfy him.

Whether or not he agrees or admits, it most of the decisions in Cleveland were based on him.

This is what Irving learned

Kyrie Irving saw all of these. Although his declaration for independence might come as a betrayal, it is actually more of a way of glorifying James. How exactly? Well, he basically learned that as a superstar, it is not just about hitting the hard numbers.

It is also about not losing leverage because he is and will be a superstar. This is what Irving wants to experience, something that can only be done if he becomes a focal point in a team. He wants to be that guy who can call shots, disturb an organization’s decision making, and, more importantly, hold the future of the team. One can actually say the same for Kobe Bryant.

But perhaps Kyrie Irving’s departure is a lesson to all NBA organizations out there, that it is about time they took the driver seat. It is good to have a superstar in the team, but it is perhaps a bad idea to revolve the future of the organization around these players just because they are superstars.