There has been so much drama in the NBA lately, following the trade request from Kyrie Irving. It shocked the entire basketball community, as no one expected such move from the All-Star point guard. Just when everyone was ready to move on, Irving dropped another bomb.

According to Sports Illustrated, Kyrie Irving went to Harrison Barnes’ wedding ceremony over the weekend. Apparently, the superstar was having a good time to the point that he helped Stephen Curry mocked LeBron James. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Irving laughing, Curry dancing

A video has just circulated online, featuring the Golden State Warriors enjoying the time of their lives with Irving. They were basically at the after party of Barnes’ wedding ceremony. Curry, in particular, was recorded mocking James’ now-infamous workout footage.

In the latter, The King can be seen dancing to the tune of “First Day Out,” a song courtesy of rapper Tee Grizzley. Surprisingly, Irving can be seen just next to Curry. Believe it or not, the point guard seemed pleased with what was happening. This is actually odd considering that Curry was the guy who kicked Irving and the Cavaliers out last NBA finals.

This kind of stunt is not entirely new to Curry, though.

He had a couple of ridicules on his resume already, mostly taking a shot at James. In fact, just recently, he took off a fan’s pair of LeBron shoes and replaced them with his own signature kicks. If that is not insulting enough for James, nothing will. Now, with the new one, it is as clear as the skies that Curry is up to something.

Irving possibly joining the Warriors

Interestingly, there have been rumors about Kyrie Irving joining the Golden State Warriors. At first, many will not entirely believe it. Besides, Irving said he wants a team in which he will be the focal point.

For sure, he cannot do that in the Golden State Warriors.

However, with the new video featuring him laughing while Curry was dancing, these rumors might have some mean on them after all. If Irving really gets traded to the Warriors, there is definitely no stopping this organization from making a dynasty.

Meanwhile, it is believed that Kyrie Irving just wants to put more fuel to the fire. He seems to be irritating James with all the rumors about him leaving. His recent stunt with Curry might just be a shot to further agitate James. Clearly, this offseason has never been good for the Cleveland Cavaliers. It is also safe to say that the league has become a buffoon.