I must begin by saying that I like Kevin Durant. I am not at all upset with him for going to Golden State. I am not discounting the championship he just won, and I would never say that he did not look like the best player on the floor during that series. I do not want to call him weak, and I do not want to call him out for having an opinion. I only ask that his opinions be a little bit more rehearsed. His comments on a recent trip to India have landed short of what we would expect from someone such as this.

What did he say?

Durant spoke of what he saw in India, but he did so in a stream of consciousness style that led to a few misplaced words.

The country he saw was not perfect, and we should not expect any nation to be. He said that the country was well behind in technology, and he was surprised by the filth that he saw in certain places. He may have experienced all these things, but talking about them requires a delicate touch better left to those who speak on the subject often.

What did I want to hear?

I believe that is a fair question. If I am criticizing Durant for what he said, I must have something to say on the topic. I believe this is when you choose the angle that best suits your personal style. Durant is a free spirit, but he is not an orator. He will not keep reporters at his locker for an hour regaling them with tales that will be printed the next day.

He is someone we expect to hear talk about all the beauty he saw, and we expect him to be a bit more informed. India is a highly-educated nation with over a billion people within its borders. They have people working as doctors, lawyers, and accountants every day. They have villagers who have handed down the art of farming to the generations, and they have places where cows walk the streets.

I wanted to hear what a free-spirited and diverse country India is.

Kevin forgot Indian values

Hindus venerate cows on a level that you and I may not understand, and the country has many in every city and village. I would fully expect to see cows walking around India simply because I know how much the country values them. We have dogs and cats walking America every day, and that is due in-part to how much we value them as pets and friends.

Commenting on cows in the streets makes Kevin sound less informed than I thought he would be.

I am glad that Kevin had the experience he had, but I believe it is time for him to stick to basketball and current social issues that are a bit more pressing. He has an experience that should be shared, and I believe that talking about his neighborhood in DC will do more for basketball fans than an off-handed comment about cows.