When Kevin Durant played for the Oklahoma City Thunder, he was one of the best players in the NBA, but was also loved for being humble and gracious to everyone around him. However, since moving on to play for the Golden State Warriors, Durant has seemed to grow slightly bitter and angry, lashing out at the media and fans alike. The most recent diatribe by Durant concerned fans saying that him joining the already powerful Golden State Warriors was destroying parity in the NBA.

The NBA parity claims

The parity claims came when Kevin Durant, a former NBA MVP, left the Oklahoma City Thunder to join a Golden State Warriors team that had just broken the record for most wins in a season -- similar claims were made when LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh created a super team in Miami and dominated the NBA the entire time they were together.

In the case of Durant and the Warriors, fans were seeing the same thing happening again.

It also doesn't help when people point out that he left an Oklahoma City Thunder team that had lost to the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs last year -- partially due to Durant struggling in that series. Some claimed that Durant joined Golden State because he realized he couldn't beat them and it would mean an easier road to a championship.

Kevin Durant fires back against the fans

Kevin Durant was already firing off-hand comments toward fans before this question was raised. Many fans have complained online openly about how boring it is to watch the NBA playoffs when two teams are destroying the competition -- the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Durant, who is a multi-million dollar contracted player had an interesting response. He told fans that if they didn't like it they should just change the channel and stop watching the NBA.

When reporters asked if it was smart to tell fans to stop watching the organization that pays his salary, Kevin Durant wouldn't back down.

He said he didn't mean to talk down to anyone but why watch something if you don't like it? Of course, that is Durant completely missing the point of fans complaining about super teams like the Golden State Warriors making all other teams obsolete.

As for that idea of the lack of parity in the era of superteams like the Golden State Warriors, Durant said it isn't fair to blame him and it is not his fault.

Durant then took unnecessary shots at other NBA teams. Kevin said it isn't his fault that the Orlando Magic can't make the playoffs, and that it isn't his fault that the Brooklyn Nets are "not that good."