In football, there’s rarely a player loyal to his club, and this is proven true with the recent reports claiming Philippe Coutinho wants to move away from Liverpool. Apparently, he sent in his transfer request, which is not long after Barcelona showed interest.

The Brazilian made his intentions clear after sending his club an email on Friday demanding a move. This is interesting since Fenway Sports Group (FSG) said not too long ago that Coutinho’s exit from the club would not be allowed this summer.

Even manager Jurgen Klopp had come out saying his star player isn’t on the market for any price despite rumors of Barcelona bidding €100 million.

Klopp repeated this stance several times, but clearly, he may have to give in to the demands of the unpredictable transfer market.

Coutinho 5-year contract with Liverpool

One of the reasons for Liverpool being so stern with Philippe Coutinho is probably due to the player signing a five-year contract with the club back in January of 2017. Here’s the thing, this new agreement does not come with a release clause. Therefore, Liverpool has the upper hand in any negotiations with the player.

It’s quite surprising learning of Coutinho’s desire to leave Liverpool. The statement he made after signing gave the impression that he was happy at Liverpool, but it show appears as if that’s not the case. It goes to show that most players are not loyal to their club and that no matter the circumstances, business is business.

The 24-year old signed a contract not knowing what the future holds. Who would have thought that Neymar Jr would leave Barcelona, prompting the Spanish giant to seek a replacement?

Now, should the star player leaves Liverpool, one can’t be certain who will come in to replace him. The transfer window is closing fast, and there’s a good chance many of the qualities players around the world are already set at their club, or in talks to transfer elsewhere.

Why does Coutinho want to leave Anfield?

He’s been at the club since 2012, and since that time, Liverpool has won only the Carling Cup trophy against Cardiff City. To make matters worse, the Reds required a penalty shootout to defeat the smaller team.

As for Barcelona, the Spanish club won the La Liga title three times since 2012.

The team also took home the Copa del Rey three times, the Super Copa de Espana twice, and the UEFA Champions League once. Not to mention, the team also walked away with the Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup.

That’s a total of 11 trophies in five years, a clear sign of why the player wants to make the jump.