The Golden State Warriors' Kevin Durant and Oklahoma City Thunder's Russell Westbrook seemed like bitter enemies for most of the past season. However, according to one former teammate who played alongside the two on OKC's team, the two NBA All-Star players are once again on speaking terms.

The latest NBA rumors and news arrives after last night's show "Area 21" hosted by former NBA star Kevin Garnett was televised.

Perkins speaks on topic

Big man Kendrick Perkins used to play in Oklahoma City with Durant and Westbrook so he knows the two players well.

On Monday evening, he appeared on TNT's "Area 21" show alongside some teammates from his other former squad, the Boston Celtics. Perkins was part of a group forum-style interview which also featured Glen "Big Baby" Davis, Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce, in addition to the show host Garnett.

During their discussions, the group brought up the topic of their championship reunion from Boston and still having some "sour" feelings regarding how their former Celtics teammate, Ray Allen, left the team.

Perkins also touched on the topic of his former All-Star teammates and their recent feud which seemed to be on full display this past season whether via media reports or on the court in a nationally-televised game.

During the segment on the TNT show last night, Perkins mentioned that he had been looking for a way to get the former friends speaking again.

Perkins said, "I felt like the outside world was putting a beef there that really wasn't too serious."

It wasn't until Westbrook broke Oscar Robertson's record for triple-doubles in a season, that the call with Durant finally happened.

Perkins went on to mention that he'd texted KD the same night Westbrook broke Robertson's longstanding record. According to ESPN, Perkins found out a day later that a conversation took place.

Basically, KD let Perkins know that he and Russell Westbrook had a "nice conversation." While that may not mean they're hanging out regularly, it's certainly a step in the right direction.

KD back to OKC?

While Kevin Durant is currently playing with the Golden State Warriors in the 2017 NBA Playoffs, it appears a return to Oklahoma City should never be ruled out.

Perkins said he wouldn't be surprised if it happens because he feels Russell Westbrook won't ever leave the Thunder. He added that Russ basically just wants to "roll" with whatever pieces the team has in place rather than trying to chase after titles.

The former OKC big man, who last played with the New Orleans Pelicans, also mentioned he's not ready to retire yet.

Could that mean that not only KD returns to OKC, but possibly other key players including Kendrick Perkins and Serge Ibaka? Time will tell if this team has their own squad reunion in the future.