The NBA draft date is just around the corner, approaching on June 22, many teams arranging workouts with the right players to make their pick before the draft date, the Los Angeles Lakers seem to be open to the possibility of trading their No. 2 pick in the upcoming NBA draft.

It appears that the Lakers are already making calls about this trade, and having Lonzo Ball on the team might still be a huge question if they make the trade possible. The Lakers General Manager Rob Pelinka said that they were looking into other options to trade the overall pick in the draft.

The UCLA point guard might have turned out to be the right person, Ball's workouts with the team went well, and most of the fans believed that he could be their next star.

Are the Lakers trying to acquire Paul George?

It is evident that the Lakers are looking out for their best options. While rumors have been swirling around the Lakers and the Indiana Pacers, it seems that the Lakers have an eye on Paul George. The biggest question is if the Lakers are willing to risk their No.2 pick for George. It is a tough decision plus George will be a free agent next summer. Acquiring a small forward like Geroge might not be output as Lonzo Ball.

The rumors of Paul George coming to the Lakers have been out since February.

There is still one week left for the Lakers to decide on trading their pick. Looking at their current situation, they have various options, and the idea of getting this deal done is still on the table.

Lonzo Ball will only do workouts for the Lakers

There is no doubt that Lonzo Ball was one of the strongest candidates that were believed to settle with the Lakers.

He met the organization, played with the team members, had lunch with the owners of Lakers, and played his part very well during his workout session. He was confident enough in an interview after the workout with the team. Ball stated that the Lakers are looking for someone who could be their leader, and he also said that he feels he is the right person to take that place.

Lonzo Ball's father Lavar Ball is known to be an outspoken person. He recently stated that his son would do workouts only for the Lakers. Ball and the Lakers seem to have a connection from the beginning, now that his position with the team is questionable, he might have to settle with another team. On the other hand, the Boston Celtics are all set with the No.1 overall pick in the NBA draft 2017. Rumor has it that the Celtics will choose Markelle Fultz as their first option.