There are always mysteries in space like the Black Holes and Wormholes, but with the help of scientists, things have become easier for these subjects to understand. Scientists have dedicated years of research to unravel their mystery and how they transpire in space.

A Wormhole is a passage through space-time. It is a theoretical explanation that creates shortcuts to travel across the universe. According to Space, it is more of a general relativity. However, it is very dangerous since it is prone to sudden collapses. Wormholes have high transmission and contact with exotic matter.

The theory of the wormhole

In 1916, the first theory of the wormhole was introduced. Later on, in 1935, Albert Einstein, along with Nathan Rosen, applied the theory of "General Relativity" in order to understand the process. A wormhole is like a bridge connecting two different points in space-time. The process would reduce the distance and travel time by creating a shortcut in space.

These shortcuts were called Einstein-Rosen bridges before they were called wormholes. The fact is that many do not believe in the existence of a wormhole, or they think it is impossible to find. But looking at the physics and the theoretical point of view it is possible. Albert Einstein's general relativity theory mathematically predicts the existence of wormholes.

The wormhole has two entrances with a connection between both. Nola Taylor Redd from Space News writes that some theories say the two points of a wormhole is the mouth of each Black Hole.

The wormhole tunnel

The tunnel through the wormhole helps to travel from one point to the other. But based on the theory and its quick collapsing possibility, these wormholes have a problem of stability.

That said, it requires unique and exotic matter to increase the stability. Scientists are yet to discover if these exotic matters exist in the universe.

If there is a sufficient amount of exotic matter in a wormhole, it can be used for sending information or traveling through space. Scientists believe that these holes need not connect two separate regions, but they could also connect to another universe.

Space-time travel is a vast subject and scientists are continuing their research to know more about black holes and wormholes. What is clear is that the latter does not take you back in time. Rather, it makes a long distance in space shorter. As for humans traveling through these tunnels, it seems impossible in the near future. Science still needs advanced technology to make things possible.