The time is near for "Vikings" to release episode 1 of season 5. The latest trailer for season 5 had made fans eager to watch the upcoming season. While Ragnar Lothbrok's death is still fresh in everyone's minds, it seems like Lagertha is left all alone to battle and save Kattegat. Unfortunately, this time she will not be fighting against foreign invaders alone as the war is yet to begin within themselves.

The trailer shows misunderstanding between brothers and the sons of Ragnar. As it is known that not all Ragnar's sons are immediate brothers, Bjorn Ironside is still the only one who would support his mother.

It appears that the killing of King Aelle is still not satisfying for Ivar The Boneless.

Will Ivar kill Lagertha?

Back in season 4, Ivar plotted to kill Lagertha several times. But with Bjorn beside her, it seems that he can't do anything. The trailer of season 5 talks about Ivar trying to kill Lagertha again. The question is if he would succeed in taking over Kattegat.

The plot for the upcoming season in "Vikings" seems to be simple to understand from the trailer. However, the show is known for its surprises. Ragnar's sons are ready to go to war again and explore new lands. But Ubbe and Ivar the boneless still want their revenge to avenge their mother's death.

It is going to be tough for the queen of Kattegat to continue her reign.

On the other hand, the cripple Viking is going to form an alliance against Lagertha.

Ragnar's suspected death

It's hard to imagine "Vikings" without Ragnar Lothbrok. Some fans believe that his death was not real because he had other plans. The truth is that everyone watched him die when King Aelle threw him in the pit of snakes.

That said, returning from the dead seems to be a bit impossible.

The new season seems to be more focused on Ivar and his brutal behavior to kill and capture Kattegat. As for Bjorn Ironside, he is going on a mission to explore new lands and gain fame. One more important character who appeared in the trailer is Floki. With Helga dead, it looks like Floki is left all alone to face his misery.

Nothing is known about Ragnar's brother Rollo, as the last time he betrayed his brother was to take over Paris. But knowing about the civil war in Kattegat, Rollo might come to save Lagertha. On the other side of the sea, King Ecbert's son Aethelwulf remains hiding somewhere in England. At some point, he is definitely going to take revenge on Ragnar's sons for his father's death. "Vikings" season 5 is all set to release on November 29, 2017.