When spectators are asked to name the top five players in the NBA, LeBron James always comes up in conversation. Since entering the league in 2003, LeBron has shown that he has been blessed with the ability to continually perform in the top tier of the NBA's talent. LeBron holds multiple accolades such as being named an NBA All-Star 13 times, being a three-time NBA Finals MVP, as well as holding the title of league MVP four times as well. When it comes to the best, LeBron is certainly amongst the top. Although LeBron has been able to prosper with personal accomplishments, he has struggled to achieve a solid team for a long period of time.

LeBron has been a part of rosters that struggled to put the finishing pieces on NBA championship runs. With time working against him, how can LeBron cement his NBA legacy without a team that has the ability to finish when the games become greater in weight?

LeBron has always been LeBron

It can be said that LeBron James is one of the greatest players to play in the twenty-first century. From season to season LeBron continues to dominate all competition and remain on his thrown as one of the most feared players in the NBA. When you look at his ability to perform it is as if LeBron is like a glass of wine, he gets better with time. Since entering the association in 2003, LeBron has on only finished one season shooting under 45% from the field.

His rebounding totals, as well as his assist numbers, have also increased as his seniority has become more eminent in the league. Most sports analyst and followers would equate the increase of productivity to more wins and more playoff appearances and they would be proven right. James has made the NBA playoffs a part of basketball season regiment.

The last time the King missed the NBA was in 2010. That means LeBron has been playing in the NBA Finals for a consecutive seven years but he only has obtained 3 championship rings. If his numbers continue to improve why can't LeBron win in the Finals?

Teamwork makes the dreams hurt

It is not a secret that LeBron has been searching for a dream team since entering the league in 2003.

In fact, LeBron was so tired of playing without the required ability needed to win a championship he decided to leave Cleveland in 2009 to join the Miami Heat in 2010. After winning two championships with one of his good friends Dwyane Wade, LeBron decided to rejoin the Cavs in order to bring a ring to his home state.

Many often forget that Cleveland brought ample star power in order for LeBron to make a successful run at the NBA championship while he wore a Cavaliers jersey. The Cavs acquired the star power of Kevin Love from the Minnesota Timberwolves to add to the power of the up and coming star point guard Kyrie Irving. The Cleveland "big three" ran the eastern conference table as they cruised to an NBA Finals birth against the Golden State Warriors.

The two teams met once before LeBron was able to finally fulfill his promise of bringing the Larry O'Brien trophy to Ohio in 2016.

With the off-season acquisition of Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors sent a message to NBA that stated they were coming back for revenge. Although the Cavaliers had won in the previous year, the star power of the Warriors outshined the efforts of the Cavs during the 2017 NBA finals. LeBron finished the series with the best 5 game stretch he has ever put together during his career as an NBA player. Understanding that James was able to perform at his highest level and still lost in a 4-1 series, what does this say about his team? It is accurate to say that the Cleveland Cavaliers roster will need help in order to keep up with their final rivals in the western conference.