NBA draft rumors have been heating up for the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers will be entitled to the second overall pick in the upcoming draft -- their third year in a row with the pick at that spot. While most thought the team would settle with Lonzo Ball, it's not entirely set in stone. There are also other speculations that the team may be looking elsewhere.

It appears that the UCLA guard is not their only option, as there is an equal chance for the Lakers to settle with Josh Jackson. While the Kansas forward has put up good numbers in the past, only time will tell if he will get into one of those purple and gold jerseys.

League executives believe that Lonzo Ball will be on the list

Most league executives believe that Lonzo Ball will be the final decision. According to Lakers Nation, Scott Howard-Cooper stated that the Lakers like DeAaron Fox and Josh Jackson, but they continue to lean toward Ball. The Lakers certainly want another star on their team as they continue to stockpile high draft picks for the future, and many believe that Lonzo Ball could be that guy for them.

Among all the available candidates in the upcoming NBA Draft, Lonzo Ball has been a standout for a long time, and he has the ability to get his teammates involved. While his ability on the court is undeniable, and while there is no question that he could help the purple and gold if they decide to draft him, it's the off-court issues that have had many people scratching their heads.

Lonzo's father LaVar has been an outspoken personality for months now, making numerous controversial statements and attacking current NBA superstars. Some teams may not want the excess baggage that Ball will bring.

Boston Celtics set on Markelle Fultz?

The Boston Celtics have the advantage in this upcoming NBA Draft because they get to pick first.

Rumor has it that the team is planning on bringing in Washington guard Markelle Fultz. The Lakers probably know that the Celtics are keen on Fultz, and most believe that Fultz will be the right player for the Celtics.

As for Laker fans, most of them strongly think that the team will ultimately go with Lonzo Ball. It certainly should be noted that DeAaron Fox is also a possibility on the list.

The Kentucky guard has strong skills on the court and the Lakers could surprise everyone by picking up Fox.

June 22 is the big day for Lonzo Ball, DeAaron Fox, Josh Jackson, and Markelle Fultz. These players are surely going to find themselves in an NBA jersey next season.