The Cleveland Cavaliers have been putting their best effort in defending their championship. In the 2017 NBA finals, they lost in only five games, allowing the Golden State Warriors to capture their fifth championship. The Warriors outplayed the Cavs in those five games with a total margin of 34 points. The Cavs have a great team at the moment, and it is not necessary for them to make a big trade this offseason.

However, they have four possible deals that they could pursue this offseason for the next June. There have been a few big names on the list for a possible trade, but the Cavs have been calm and probably making a huge decision.

Carmelo Anthony is a candidate for the Cavs

Trade rumors have been swirling around Carmelo Anthony and the Cleveland Cavaliers for a long time. Acquiring Carmelo Anthony from the New York Knicks might be a good move for the team, but it is also important to know who else would be on the market when the Cavs decide to make a move.

If the Cavs acquire Anthony, LeBron James would be the happiest player to play alongside a close friend in his career. LeBron has been one of those skilled players in NBA, and Anthony along with him would surely make a good partner. Kevin Love seems to be the other player to make way for Anthony since Phil Jackson has been looking for options to let go of Melo.

Love for Paul George and Kyrie Irving for Chris Paul?

It is not surprising that names like Irving, George, and Paul are on the list. In some way or the other, these NBA stars could move to any team. Kyrie Irving has managed to earn a good name for himself, in fact, Irving has been one of the best connecting players in NBA.

Letting go of Kyrie Irving might be a tough decision for the Cavaliers, but Chris Paul would surely make a perfect point guard for the team.

Paul is a point guard who likes to play with a slower pace, and this could be in favor for the Cavs.

On the other hand, Paul George is another potential player for the team and replacing Love might need a few changes. It also depends on George if he will consider signing with the Cavaliers, the Indiana Pacers star could also consider an extension with his team.

Trading Kevin Love for Paul George should be a chance to improve the chances of the Cavs. George is a great player in the vacuum, but when he comes to the Cavs he will need to adapt to play along with other dominant stars. These are all the possibilities that the Cavs have with them for a trade, but they might also consider other options to build their team.