NBA league has existed for over 70 years and there have been a lot of fantastic teams and players in its history. Some of them set records which might never be broken, especially considering how quickly the league is evolving. Even though the game has changed a lot lately and many players and teams broke numerous records, there are some of them which are simply untouchable for now.

In this list, we will count down five most unbreakable NBA records. Records will be written in a random order, so feel free to comment which one you think is the hardest to break.

Career steals - John Stockton (3265 steals)

Stockton had 3265 steals in his NBA career and he ranks ninth in all-time steals per game with 2.17. He separated himself from rest of the pack and has 581 more steals than Jason Kidd, who is ranked second on the all-time steals list.

Among active players, Chris Paul ranks 16th with 1911 steals and he's averaging 2.29 steals per game, which is much more than Stockton averaged. However, it is very unlikely that the Los Angeles Clippers superstar will keep his steals average that high and even if he does, he will have to play at least eight more years to break Stockton's record. Considering that he just turned 32, breaking this record seems impossible.

Longest win streak - 1971/72 Los Angeles Lakers (33 wins)

Los Angeles Lakers had a fantastic roster in the early 70's and they had a few NBA legends on it. The Lakers had a great backcourt of Jerry West and Gail Goodrich, while their center was the amazing Wilt Chamberlain. The team also had Elgin Baylor, who was one of the greatest rebounders in the history of the league.

This team won 33 consecutive games, finishing with a 69-13 record and winning the NBA finals.

Miami Heat had a 27-game win streak in 2003, and that's the closest anyone has come to breaking the Lakers' record. Golden State Warriors also had a 28-game win streak in the regular season, but their streak happened over two seasons, which makes it less impressive.

Most consecutive championships - Boston Celtics (8 championships)

From 1959 to 1966, the Boston Celtics won eight straight championships, which is the longest such streak not only in the NBA history, but also in the history of professional sports in the United States. The Celtics were led by the incredible Bill Russell, and they were unbeatable for nearly a decade.

No other team in the history of the league won more then three straight titles, and this record is undoubtedly one of the hardest to break. It is important to note that the NBA looked completely different in the era the Celtics dominated, as there were only seven other teams in the league.

Career assists - John Stockton (15806 assists)

John Stockton is one of the greatest passers in the NBA history, and he currently holds the all-time record for most career assists. During his 19-year NBA career, the point guard averaged 10.5 assists per game and he had five seasons in which he averaged 13.6 or more assists. It is Stockton's passing skills and longevity that contributed to this fantastic record, and it will not be broken for at least a decade.

To put it into perspective, Jason Kidd is ranked second with 12091 assists. Among active players, Andre Miller ranks ninth on the list with 8524 assists while Chris Paul has 8251 and is ranked one spot behind Miller.

Highest scoring average - Wilt Chamberlain (50.4 points per game)

Wilt Chamberlain was the most gifted athlete in the early 60's and he dominated the size with his basketball skills. In his third season in the NBA, the big man averaged 50.4 points per game, which is simply mind blowing. Chamberlain shot 50.6 percent from the field that season and he also averaged 25.7 rebounds per game. Another incredible stat is his playing time, since the big man averaged 48.5 minutes, playing in every game, including overtimes.

No other player in the NBA history averaged more than 37.1 points per game, and that average was recorded by Michael Jordan in 1986/87 season. However, Jordan's average ranks only fifth on the all-time scoring list, with Chamberlain taking each of the first four spots.