When you think of the great scorers in league history, LeBron James doesn't always come to mind. It's more names such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, Allen Iverson and even Kevin Durant. But to ignore LeBron in this conversation is a mistake. James has averaged 27.13 PPG throughout his 14-year career, which is the 5th highest in NBA history behind Jordan, Chamberlain, Baylor and Durant. This is great company to be in, considering King James is not known as just a scorer. As the playoffs approach, the King also sits in 5th place on the postseason PPG leaders list.

His 28 points per game is just behind Durant, West, Iverson and Jordan. As the 2016-17 NBA season comes to a close, LeBron now has his name in the history books, for his consistent scoring production.

LeBron broke a crazy record for scoring

Since LeBron James entered the league in 2003, he has always been ranked as one of the top scorers in the league. In his rookie season, as an 18-year-old kid, LeBron averaged 20.9 points per game. But since then, he has managed to average above 25 points per game in 13 straight seasons until now. His highest PPG season was in 2007-08 where he averaged 30 points per contest. King James now officially has 13 seasons with at least 25 PPG, the most of all-time.

Here's how he ranks against others:

1. LeBron James (13)

2. Michael Jordan (12)

2. Kobe Bryant (12)

2. Karl Malone (12)

5. Jerry West (11)

How does LeBron stack up in the playoffs?

LeBron James has also been a consistent scorer in the NBA playoffs. He's reached the postseason on 11 occasions, scoring above 25 PPG in 10 of those playoff runs.

The only time the King didn't average above the 25 mark was in 2010-11 where he scored just 23.7 PPG. LeBron's career best playoff mark was in the 2008-09 season in which he averaged 35.3 points per contest. While he has been great, he's still got a few years left to break the same record he did for the regular season, in the playoffs.

Here are the leaders in playoff history for playoff runs averaging at least 25 PPG:

1. Michael Jordan (13)

2. Karl Malone (12)

3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (11)

4. LeBron James (10)

5. Dirk/Kobe/Shaq (9)

LeBron will likely average above 25 PPG in the 2017 playoffs, and tie Kareem for third place on this list. But LeBron is chasing more history in this year's playoff campaign. He can become the NBA playoffs all-time leading scorer if he scores just 416 more postseason points, and, if he does this, he will pass Michael Jordan.