In the 2016 NFL season, the Green Bay Packers started out with a 4-6 record and looked like they were going to miss the NFL playoffs. However, Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers went out and said that the team would not lose again and make the postseason. He made good on his promise and the Packers did not lose another game until they fell to the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship game. In an interview with Fox Sports, former Green Bay wide receiver James Jones said that he believes that Aaron Rodgers will win the 2017 NFL MVP.

Aaron Rodgers in 2016

During the 2016 NFL season, Aaron Rodgers threw 40 touchdown passes through the season, the highest mark in the NFL. Rodgers led the Green Bay Packers from a 4-6 record to finish at 10-6 and then knocked off the NFC-best Dallas Cowboys in the divisional round of the 2016 NFL playoffs. On top of the touchdowns, Rodgers only threw seven interceptions and didn't throw one at all after Nov. 13. In the playoffs, he added nine touchdown passes and two picks. Despite the incredible season, Rodgers finished the NFL MVP voting in third place with only 14 votes behind Matt Ryan and Tom Brady.

James Jones reason for 2017 NFL MVP prediction

When talking about Aaron Rodgers on Fox Sports, James Jones said his former quarterback when he played with the Green Bay Packers had a key addition this year that will make him better than he was in 2016.

That addition is the combo free agent signings of Martellus Bennett and Lance Kendricks. James Jones pointed out that the best years of Rodgers' Packers career came when he had guys like Jermichael Finley to throw the ball to. It has always seemed like tight ends played a large role in the Packers offense and now they have two starting tight ends who can rotate or maybe even line up in two tight end sets.

That, Jones explained, means the sky is the limit for Aaron in 2017.

Other possible Packers additions

There is one area that might hinder the Green Bay Packers in 2017. They are relying on second-year running back Ty Montgomery, who was a wide receiver before last season. If Montgomery can prove that he is as talented as the Green Bay Packers hope he is, things could be really good for Aaron Rodgers.

Another key addition that could help Aaron in 2017 is the addition of offensive lineman Jahri Evans. When T.J. Lang left the Packers, some feared for Aaron's safety but Evans could prove to be a huge pickup that will help protect Rodgers and open up the game for him to have an MVP-caliber season in 2017.