Paul Millsap is expected to void his contract after this season and become a free agent. Millsap has a player option on his contract and if he accepts it, he will stay in Atlanta for one more year and be paid over $21 million. However, even though he loves the city and would like to stay, the all-star forward wants to explore other options as well.

Miami Heat will be looking to sign a star power forward this summer, and Paul Millsap seems like a perfect match for them. However, will they be able to pay him enough?

Paul Millsap would be Chris Bosh's replacement in Miami

Miami Heat are working on waiving Chris Bosh, who will be owed over $25 million next season. Bosh, who is not allowed to play due to his health situation, will still be paid, but that money will not count against Heat's salary cap, and they will be able to spend it on other Free Agents.

Just like Bosh, Paul Millsap is a versatile power forward who can stretch the floor while being a dangerous threat on the offense. Millsap can rebound, share the ball and do pretty much everything else, and that is exactly what the Miami Heat need from him. The weakest position on the Heat is the one Millsap plays on, and adding him to the roster could turn Miami into one of the best teams in the East.

Heat's winning culture attracts free agents

Miami Heat have a winning culture and their goal is to always be competitive and chase championships.

Unlike a lot of other teams in the NBA, the Heat to lose games on purpose to get a better draft position, and that is something that attracts free agents as most of them want to win. Paul Millsap is not an exception to this rule and when he becomes a free agent, Miami will definitely pursue him and offer him a chance to play in South Beach.

With Paul Millsap and Hassan Whiteside on the same team, the Miami Heat would have one of the best big man tandems in the league. Their bench is already very good and they have the efficient Goran Dragic running the floor. Signing a good free agent will be essential to Miami's success in the future, and Paul Millsap would be a perfect fit for the team.