Goran Dragic and the Miami Heat are having a fantastic season and they are doing something that has never been done in the NBA before. Miami Heat had only 11 wins in the first half of the season, and their loss total was 30. After it, they made a huge turnaround as they have been 24-6 since then.

Dragic, who has been playing fantastic basketball all season long, recently said that the Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra deserves credit for the success of the team and that he should win Coach of the Year award.

Miami Heat have the best record in the season half of the season

Miami Heat are 24-6 in the second half of the season, which is the best record in the entire NBA in his period. They also had the longest win streak in the NBA this season with 13 straight wins, and they defeated some tough teams during this stretch. The Heat were matched up against defending championships Cleveland Cavaliers twice in the last few weeks, and they won both games. Miami also defeated the Golden State Warriors, who have the best record this season, and the Houston Rockets twice.

One of the biggest reasons for this turnaround is Miami Heat's defense, as the coach Spoelstra challenged the team to give their best every night and to stay true to their defensive identity.

Erik Spoelstra deserves to be Coach of the Year

What Erik Spoelstra has accomplished this season is truly fascinating and incredible, and there is no doubt that he deserves to be Coach of the Year. Goran Dragic is not the only player who praised Spoelstra and advocated him for this prestigious award, as the former Heat player Dwyane Wade did the same thing a few weeks ago.

Erik Spoelstra was also praised by Pat Riley, who is the current Miami Heat president and who won three Coach of the Year awards as a head coach. Even though Spoelstra has done a great job with the Heat this season, he might not be named the best coach as the competition is too strong and there are at least five other coaches who have a good chance of winning the award. Still, even if the Heat coach doesn't win it this year, he was recognized by the league for his effort and a lot of players and coaches gave him the credit for what he has achieved.