Carlos Boozer is ready for his NBA comeback, and a few teams are interested in his services. One of those teams is the Miami Heat, who could benefit tremendously from signing this power forward since it's their weakest position on the roster.

Boozer is currently playing in China, but as soon as the season ends, he intends to move back to the US where he will join the strongest basketball league in the world.

Carlos Boozer would be a good fit for Miami Heat

Even though he will turn 36 later this year, Carlos Boozer is still a good NBA player, and he would fit perfectly in Miami.

The Heat could benefit not only from his on-court basketball skills but also from his leadership. Boozer, who spent 13 years in the NBA, could be a mentor for younger Heat players, and considering that they would get him on a cheap contract, it would be a win-win situation for both The Heat and the power forward.

Miami Heat is expected to waive Chris Bosh to clear a roster spot. Boozer would be a wise choice for that spot as the Heat are not deep at the forwarding power position, and there is no doubt that the 35-year old forward could give them at least 15 good minutes off the bench every game. In his NBA career, Boozer averaged 16.2 points and 9.5 rebounds per game, and he was one of the best players in his position.

Boozer is a competitor and wants to win

Just like the Miami Heat, Carlos Boozer is competitive and wants to win. He is looking to join a playoff team, and although the Heat has not secured their spot in the playoffs, they will most likely make it. During his NBA career, Boozer has never reached NBA Finals, and he will probably not achieve it with the Miami Heat either.

However, he can play in a competitive league and help the Heat pull a first-round upset in the playoffs.

Carlos Boozer recently posted a comment on Instagram, telling his fans to stay tuned as he will let them know his decision after he wins a championship in China. Besides the Miami Heat, the Los Angeles Clippers have expressed interest in Boozer, and the power forward will have to bring his free agency decision soon.