Jenelle Evans is suffering some major backlash from her social media followers once again. According to TMZ Jenelle's followers are very angry over the fact that the former "Teen Mom 2" star revealed that she had found a stray dog near her property and had taken her in out of the cold.

Evans recently posted a video on her social media pages revealing that the stray had given birth to nine pitbull pups. Jenelle claims she made numerous attempts to locate the dog's owner but failed with each one.

Jenelle Evans' followers not over David Eason killing Nugget

Evans also claims that people have made several calls to the police wanting them to check out the situation at David Eason and Jenelle Evans' home. Evans is furious about the calls and has asked that they stop claiming as nothing is going on and they should just mind their business. Jenelle's followers, however, see things differently on this subject.

Jenelle later returned to Facebook to express her anger, telling followers that the cops were called. In her defense, she added that this is not her dog, and she did not steal this dog. She explains she only wanted to get the pregnant and hungry dog out of the cold. She claims she feels it is unfair that no matter what she does someone is always going after her one way or another.

"Don’t leave your animals out in the freezing weather," added Evans.

But, it has also been confirmed by E! who reports that a staffer at the Sheriff's Office stated that there were no calls made in regards to Jenelle. Jenelle reiterated police aren't involved when she told E!

News exclusively, "No cops have been to my house and I doubt they will come if they are called."

Jenelle Evans claims she will no longer share every detail of her life

Fans feel they are only looking out for the animals' best interest. After-all Jenelle and David's history concerning animals speaks for itself. Fans have a very vivid recollection of April 2019.

That was when David Eason killed Evans' dog Nugget after the pooch nipped at Ensley. Everything snowballed from there. Jenelle took the kids and fled the North Carolina home. Evans kept the social media world very informed by claiming at the time that she was going to divorce Eason.

It did not stop there, Jenelle also got an order of protection against David admitting to the court that she was afraid of Eason. It did not take long before Jenelle and David reunited. The entire ordeal led to Jenelle and David's kids being taken away temporarily by children's services. After several court appearances, they got the kids back and returned to their marital life together.

Oddly enough Jenelle Evans posted on her Facebook that they have now found the dog's owner and all is good.

All is well that ends well, this time.