"Teen Mom 2" fans know that Davis Eason allegedly killed their dog Nugget. However, no charges were laid and he's free to go. However, The Hollywood Gossip wrote a story July 23 that claims to show images of texts that he knowingly called on a mate to help him hide the evidence. But, Jenelle Evans took to her Instagram Stories to deny the leaked dog-killing texts came from David's number.

The article about 'Teen Mom 2' texts on Hollywood Gossip

In their article, Hollywood Gossip wrote, "some newly-leaked texts seem to confirm that David did indeed murder his wife's pet Frenchie." They based the story on some photos of texts supposedly between David Eason and a friend.

In their post, though, the number is hidden. However, they further elaborate, noting that "Via a group called Exposing the Easons, JE Cosmetics obtained screenshots of what it claims are text messages sent between David and a friend." If this is true, and it would be hard to prove, then there's yet more fuel to flame the belief that David did, indeed, kill the dog.

In the texts, some of the wording is extracted here, but note, I cannot say these texts are genuine. "Teen Mom 2" alum David allegedly said, "Hey buddy so I got a bit of a problem." He then went on to say he needs to 'burn' something and asked when his "buddy could swing by" to help him "get rid" of it. Elaborating further, Eason allegedly texted that he needed to get rid of "the dogs" before the "pigs" arrived to do a property "search." The text alleges that so far only he and "Jenelle" know about it.

Further, he mentions "it's a messy cleanup job... gotta get it done by tonight."

Jenelle Evans totally denies the texts about dog-killing came from David's phone

Taking to her Instagram Stories Tuesday night, Jenelle reposted the cutting and denied it came from David Eason's phone. The "Teen Mom" alum noted, "FYI...This isn't David's number." She put a "Duh" emoji on it.

So, it seems she's not concerned about it. Plus, these days everyone knows that there's places and apps online where anyone can "recreate' supposedly genuine text messages.

Another thing to think about is that rather post this on social media, perhaps the originator should have produced them to the police.

After all, they have the capability to check on phones and texts. Even though the case got closed and no charges were proffered, the police could still look into it. Also, news emerged that as far as the police were concerned it was a "publicity stunt." That came from Page Six. Jenelle Evans also refuted that claim.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans denying that the leaked text ever came from David Eason's phone number? Do you think this is just someone manufacturing evidence that he did indeed kill Nugget with Jenelle's help to cover it up?

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