David Eason has finally come clean about murdering his family's dog, Nugget. After the incident that led his wife, Jenelle Evans, to be fired from "Teen Mom 2," Eason told People magazine that his decision to kill Nugget was based upon the fact that he felt his daughter, two-year-old Ensley Eason, was "in danger" of being seriously harmed by the French bulldog.

“This was something that nobody wants to ever have to do," he claimed in the September 9 interview. "The dog was aggressive." Although Eason admitted that Nugget was not a big dog, he accused the animal of biting Ensley on the face on multiple occasions and said that because of the behavior, he felt the animal should not be allowed around Ensley ever again.

He then said that the dog shouldn't be in contact with any child.

David Eason could have called the authorities and allowed them to handle it but, as he explained, they would have informed him, due to the law, that the animal should be euthanized. "I’m not going to pay anyone to euthanize my dog when I could do it myself,” he stated, adding that he "loved" Nugget.

Jenelle Evans' husband has been berated by people on social media ever since the incident took place but according to Eason, he's not the cruel person that many have painted him out to be. In fact, Eason said he still thinks about what he did to Nugget each and every day and continues to struggle with the murder.

Jenelle Evans defends her husband

Although the "Teen Mom 2" star was left completely devastated after learning that her husband had shot her family pet, Evans defended her husband during her own chat with People magazine. As she explained, Eason wasn't trying to be vicious or cruel when he killed their animal. Instead, he was simply doing what his father taught him, which is to never let an animal hurt any human.

"[David] just thought what he was doing was best,” Evans claimed.

The mother of three went on to say that because Eason grew up “in the country lifestyle," hunting and fishing and living his life outdoors, he is a lot different than people who come from other places, especially those raised in big cities and towns. Evans noted that while Eason has a love of guns, people shouldn't be afraid of him or his behavior because they simply misunderstand him and his perspective.

Jenelle Evans was left heartbroken by the murder

After her husband took the life of her dog earlier this year, the "Teen Mom 2" star shared a photo of herself and Nugget and told her social media audience that she was "heartbroken" and "distraught" about the loss. She also said she was crying and missing the animal after its tragic death.

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