The CW has become the epicenter for television series based on DC Comics properties. It has cultivated a sort-of tv version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since then, it is referred to as the 'Arrowverse' or the 'CWverse.'

Among the ranks of the series is "Black Lightning." The titular character is the alter ego of Jefferson Pierce. Cress Williams headlines the series' cast, playing both Black Lightning and Jefferson Pierce. But apparently not for much longer.

The series is set to end in 2021

As per Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, "Black Lightning" will end with its next season.

It was scheduled to begin and end in 2021. The schedule may yet be altered because of COVID-19.

Jefferson Pierce, the main character, begins the series as a retired superhero. He's since become a high school principal with children of his own and an estranged marriage. But, as you might expect, he gets drawn back into his former life of crimefighting.

Throughout its run, the show has touched on several hot-button subjects. Including, but not limited to, prejudices against the African-American community. It's also spotlighted the dynamics of the Pierce family. Sometimes around issues such as Jefferson's children following in his superhero footsteps. And others more traditional.

Reports indicate that the decision to end the run of "Black Lightning" came from the network.

Not from the series' creative team. But The CW is apparently not altogether done with the characters. Of course, there is the possibility that some or all of them could show up in other CWverse shows. But a spin-off from "Black Lightning" is already in the works.

"Painkiller" is set to star the DC character of the same name.

In the comics, his alter ego hasn't been revealed. On the tv series, he's Khalil Payne, played by Jordan Calloway. Khalil is a love interest of Jennifer Pierce, Jefferson's youngest daughter. He gets cybernetically enhanced after being paralyzed from a gunshot wound. He's at differing times an ally and a foe of Black Lightning.

The CWverse is going through a re-vamping

"Black Lightning" is not the only piece of the CWverse to be going into its final stages. "Arrow" already bid farewell in 2020. And it's been announced that "Supergirl" is also following suit.

And there are other matters. "The Flash" seems to be in need of re-capturing much of its audience after disappointing a lot of it. And "Batwoman" has gone through a massive cast shake-up.

But despite these and other things, the CWverse is trucking on. While some chapters are concluding, others continue. And new ones, including "Painkiller," are also moving along.