The CW's "Arrow" was the second major live-action adaptation to feature the Green Arrow. Previously, the 'Emerald Archer' was played by Justin Hartley on "Smallville". On "Arrow", Stephen Amell headlined the cast.

"Arrow" would go on to have an immense impact on The CW and on DC Comics. It would kick-start a sprawling universe DC-based television adaptations. With an impressive legacy to leave behind, the first installment of the 'Arrowverse' has taken its curtain call.

A finale with many familiar faces

The final episodes of "Arrow" arguably weren't really the show's climax.

Rather, the Green Arrow and his alter ego Oliver Queen met their destiny during "Crisis on Infinite Earths". A major cross-over event with The CW's other current DC superhero series.

During the multi-episode event, Oliver became The Spectre. And he also died. Twice, in fact. As such, the last parts of "Arrow" set up the future and dealt with the aftermath of "Crisis". In the series finale, many of our surviving characters are gathering for Oliver's funeral. And they also set out on one more, very personal mission.

Several cameos are speckled over the course of the episode. Among them, Barry Allen and Kara Danvers. Also known as The Flash and Supergirl, played by Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist.

Due to "Crisis", a number of characters who perished along the way were given a sort of second chance. Including Moira Queen, Tommy Merlyn and Quentin Lance. As noted by Variety, two characters were noticeably not revived. Robert Queen remained deceased, apparently because his death was to pivotal to how Oliver's life played out.

Earth-1's Laurel Lance also didn't return, possibly so Earth-2's Laurel could stay. Something the latter character struggles with guilt over.

'Team Arrow' reluctantly disbands in the finale and its members set out on new adventures. Thea and Roy get engaged. Rene is poised to become the next mayor of Star City. Dinah turns down the opportunity to become Star City's new police chief.

Instead, she sets out for Metropolis. But as the future was portrayed, viewers know the move wasn't a permanent one.

The future takes a very dramatic turn for John Diggle. He also moves to Metropolis. But instead of living a quiet life there, it appears he's going to become a Green Lantern. As documented by Inverse, this would confirm a long-running fan theory.

As for Oliver's wife, Felicity, hints had been given the previous season about destiny. And answers were revealed in the finale. After about twenty years, Oliver and Felicity are reunited in Oliver's spectral afterlife. There, they can finally live happily ever after, if a little bit late.

The 'Arrowverse' continues on

The universe "Arrow" launched is moving forward, even without its title series.

"The Flash" takes over the senior status, though its future is not totally clear. Originally, the series began as a smashing success. But highly unpopular choices have caused a number of problems more recently.

"Supergirl", "Legends of Tomorrow", "Black Lightning" and "Batwoman" also continue on. "Stargirl" and "Superman and Lois" are in the pipeline. And a spin-off featuring Laurel, Dinah and Oliver and Felicity's daughter, Mia, is in the works.

The forces behind the Arrowverse are also working on a Green Lantern series for HBO Go. Whether or not this would include John Diggle is unknown.