So, "Avengers: Endgame" seems to have broken nearly every box office record that exists in less than two weeks. In large part, it's a well-deserved honor for the movie and for the franchise. There are many great moments in the film. Among them are the many cameos squeezed into it. And there's also the epic climactic sequence, which probably met *almost* everyone's hopes. More on that later.

But, as is usual with comic book adaptations, there are moments that have left fans to debate. For all of its greatness, "Endgame" also has its moments that have made fans unsettled.

The possible conclusion to a pair of popular characters' story arcs, both individually and together, might be most prominent. Spoilers below.

Black Widow and Captain America

First, there's Natasha Romanoff, also known as Black Widow. A former Russian agent, she later opted to defect. In "Endgame," Natasha ultimately sacrifices herself to advance she and her friends' cause and save many, many people.

Major character deaths are almost always controversial. And while Natasha's end is a noble one, many problems have arisen from it. Some viewers have seen it as a continuation of a troubling comic book trend. One where female characters are killed off without much thought, leaving the male heroes to save the day.

There's also something of a lack of feeling at times about her death. Whereas Tony Stark got a poignant funeral, Natasha is barely mentioned after the initial news of her demise. And that epic climactic sequence - Natasha dies before it happens, so she's not part of it, and it kind of feels empty without her. Furthermore, there's a moment specifically designed to show off Marvel's heroines during the battle.

At that point, it almost seems insulting that Black Widow isn't included in Marvel's big moment for its female heroes.

And there's Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America. As time travel plays a prominent role in "Endgame", Steve opts to take advantage of it. He apparently goes back to the 1940s and marries Peggy Carter.

In his advanced years in the more modern setting, Steve returns to his surviving superhero friends. He passes along his shield and the title of Captain America to Sam Wilson before it's too late.

This has been unsatisfactory for many fans. They've followed Steve's journey; with him adapting to the 21st century and the new close bonds he forms, only for him to turn his back on it all.

There's also the effect it has on Peggy Carter's character. Her own character arc in the series, "Agent Carter," seems to be something of a moot point now. Now time travel, as explained in "Endgame," is complex. So much so, that its directors and screenwriters don't even agree on it, as reported by BGR. But it seems highly possible that Steve erased the family it had been established that Peggy created for herself.

And on a creepy note, via his marriage to Peggy, Steve would become Sharon Carter's uncle. The same woman he flirted and shared a kiss with in the 21st century.

These things all seem very out of character for Steve. Not much at all like someone worthy of Mjolnir.

Natasha and Steve - together

One of the great hallmarks of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the bond between Natasha and Steve. Officially a platonic friendship, there was perhaps a possibility of something else. MCU fans have debated this topic very much. But for a newcomer watching their deep conversation towards the start of the movie. One about moving on with life and easily take it as them considering riding off into the sunset together.

But, in the end, they didn't even really have a goodbye. A brief, humorous moment and then off they went on a mission that Natasha didn't come back from. After Natasha's death, there did seem to be some special emphasis on Steve's reaction. But it just didn't seem like enough given how close they were and how long their friendship lasted. The MCU timeline may be almost impossible to fully track at this point. But estimates are that Natasha and Steve were essentially best friends and close allies for roughly 15-20 years. And their Earthly parting went with something a whimper.

There is a *slight* chance there could be further closure. A movie headlined by Black Widow should be released sometime in the coming years. reports that ". It's most likely a prequel. And given the time travel element, there could be some sort of moment for them in the movie. But chances seem slim at this point.