Biniyam Shibre and Ariela Weinberg have had a strained relationship in the ongoing second season of “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.” The couple recently welcomed their son, Aviel, after Ariela had an emergency C-section operation. Throughout the season, the American reality star has been skeptical about raising her child in Ethiopia. Ariela has admitted that her relationship with Biniyam is not in a good place, and their commitment to each other will be tested once her parents arrive in the African country.

Biniyam will welcome Ariela’s parents to Ethiopia in Sunday’s episode

According to People, in a recently released clip to promote this Sunday’s episode, Biniyam finally got to meet his girlfriend’s father. Ariela’s parents were not present for their grandson’s birth since Ariela had to undergo the emergency C-section. However, the American reality star had spent time with her mother in Ethiopia before she returned to the United States. Janice and Fred Weinberg will finally get to meet Biniyam, but the 29-year-old looks nervous at the airport as he waits for them. Biniyam explains that he wants to create a good impression once he meets his girlfriend’s father because he knows that he is rich and successful.

Fans have speculated that Ariela could return to the United States

When Ariela’s parents arrive at the airport, Biniyam greets them anxiously and offers a bouquet of roses. The Ethiopian reality star refers to Ariela’s father as Dr. Weinberg, but he lightens up the mood by insisting that Biniyam should not be too formal. While Ariela’s parents appear happy to be in Ethiopia, it will be interesting to see whether they allow their daughter to continue raising her child in the African country.

Ariela has claimed, in the past, that she was homesick, and many fans have speculated that she could return to the United States with her parents.

For his part, Biniyam has expressed hope that his American girlfriend would allow him the opportunity to raise his son. The 29-year-old reality star has a child with another woman from a past relationship, but his ex-girlfriend has not allowed him to see his son ever since she returned to the United States.

While Ariela has promised that he won’t abandon Biniyam, their relationship has grown strained over the past few episodes. However, from Ariela’s recent Instagram posts, it is apparent that she is still committed to her relationship. The couple has shared pictures of themselves having a good time over the past few weeks. Fans can tune in to TLC this Sunday to see how Biniyam gets along with Ariela’s father. From the recently released video, it seems that Fred Weinberg will give Biniyam a chance to prove that he can raise his young family in Ethiopia.