Big Ed stoked the interest of "90 Day Fiancé" fans on Sunday after he said that they should not miss the next two episodes. The reality show star said that more things will happen between him and girlfriend Rosemarie in the upcoming weeks. On Sunday evening, the San Diego-based professional photographer went on Instagram Live to talk with his fans. In a big part of the livestream, he talked with a fan named Jillian, who turned out to be a Broadway actress.

She asked him several questions about his experiences on the show. The discussion eventually went to his relationship status, where he teased people that he is currently taken.

He was evasive about the whole thing even if Jillian tried to prod him. He told everyone to watch the show instead to find out.

During the ending of the video, Ed talks about the next two episodes.

Big Ed gets active on social media

Big Ed having a lot of time to connect with more "90 Day Fiancé" fans. He has been particularly active on Twitter and Instagram in the past weeks. While fans appreciate Ed’s active presence on Instagram in the past week, they have also seen some weird content from him. The video of him comparing himself to a frog comes to mind.

In the clip, he narrated the story of a frog wanting to cross a street so that he can get to the princess on the other side. He said that he was the frog in the story and Rosemarie is the princess.

The amphibian got ran over many times in his attempts to cross, which he said is a reference to his love life. He clarified that just like the frog, it took him several times to cross the street.

Last week, he also uploaded a video explaining why he likes to wear a lot of black clothes. He said that black shirts work on almost everything, which is great for him who does not experiment too much fashion-wise.

Despite having fewer followers than on Instagram, Big Ed is also active on Twitter. He sometimes cross-posts his Instagram content on the platform, which his 2,000 Twitter followers enjoy.

Is Rosemarie and Ed’s relationship in trouble?

Rosemarie has been unusually inactive in the promos for "90 Day Fiancé." A lot of fans think this could mean that things will not go well between her and Big Ed.

According to fan sites, Big Ed and Rosemarie separated after the show. Ed flew back to the United States and maintained a decent relationship with his ex-girlfriend. In the promos, he did not directly answer questions about the status of their partnership, urging people to watch the show instead.

On the other hand, it is said that Rosemarie is already in a relationship with a woman named Ejhay. A few screenshots were posted on the Instagram account 187anonymousgossip of the new couple being sweet with each other. A screenshot of Rosemarie showing off an engagement ring on her Facebook account recently circulated among fan circles. It is highly likely that the ring was from Big Ed but it is also possible that it means she is already “engaged” to Ejhay.