Erika Owens starred on the "90 Day Fiancé" show, season 4, with Stephanie, her former girlfriend. The reality stars were the first same-gender couple to appear on the show but their relationship crumbled after Stephanie refused to introduce Erika as her lover to her mother. Stephanie said that she couldn't tell her mother about her sexuality unless she was telling her in person. She also said that she loved her mother so much and felt she owed her an explanation, face-to-face. Erika revealed that she had dated a girl for 10 years who kept her a secret and she didn't want to go through something like that again.

The reality couple broke up and later, Stephanie said that she would always love Erika. She also said that she wasn't a heartless person but she just loved differently.

Erika has moved on and is now dating a man called Chris. She has made it clear to biphobic people that just because she's dating a man doesn't mean she's no longer bisexual. She explained that her sexuality was valid and she was still que*r. .

Erika Owen and Chris went on a mini date in Australia

The "90 Day Fiancé" reality star and her new boyfriend went to wildlife for a mini-date where they took tons of pictures of the place. In one of the photos, Erika and Chris were seen smiling while Erika held a "fuzzy friend."

In another photo, Erika stood close to a dingo.

She wore a beautiful colorful gown with a denim jacket and a colorful polka dot bag.

Fans comments on Erika post

Many fans found Erika's photos really nice. A fellow "90 Day Fiancé" cast, Rose Vega, commented, "Wooh" and Erika replied with two heart emojis. Tim Malcolm also commented on her photo, "Beautiful pics, wow beautiful country." Erika posted another photo of herself in a colorful gown with a pink and white cloud background.

The reality star held her gown in the photo and went down in her caption to say, "Adventure out there!"

Rose Vega, commented again on her photo saying her hair was beautiful. The "90 Day Fiancé" cast member has been very happy since she broke up with Big Ed, she posts nice selfie of herself on Instagram now. The reality star recently posted a cute selfie of herself, smiling with a red t-shirt.

She had beautiful makeup on, with long straight hair. She said in her caption that it was a rainy season. She also asked her fans to think positively. What do you think of Rose's selfies?

What do you think of Erika and Chris? Do you think Erika should have broken up with Stephanie? What do you think of the photos Erika took of the wildlife? What do you think of Rose Vega frequently commenting on her fellow cast's photos? Do you like the gown Erika wore? Have you ever been to the wildlife? Do you think Erika and her boyfriend are couple goals?