Things are falling apart for "90 Day Fiancé" stars, Paul Staehle, and his wife Karine. This past week, the two reality stars recently got into a fight at their home, and the police had to intervene after they failed to settle their differences. Paul documented the fight in a since-deleted Instagram video, and it appears that the American reality star could soon find himself in some legal trouble. In his most recent Instagram post, Paul shared a police report detailing his recent fight with Karine, and fans learned that the Brazilian reality star had accused her husband of raping her.

Karine reveals some disturbing details

In some heart wrenching allegations, Karine informed the police officers that her husband has been sexually abusing her. The 23-year-old alleged that Paul had forced her to have oral sex with him by pushing his private parts into her mouth, and forcefully grabbing her breasts. Karine told the police officers that her husband had resulted in having non-consensual sex with her, and every time she complained, he would yell at her and threaten to have her green card revoked. In addition to the disturbing rape allegations, Karine claimed that Paul has been monitoring her movements.

The Brazilian reality star alleged that Paul does not allow her to leave the house.

She told the police that her husband had installed cameras in their home to monitor her movements. Karine revealed that Paul had threatened to take away their son, Pierre if she left him. The 23-year-old also accused the American reality star of forcing her to consume alcohol against her will. Karine added that Paul had recently forced her to participate in his frequent Instagram posts even though he knew that she did not want to be part of his social media activities.

Karine and Paul in major controversy

While concluding her statement, Karine told the police officers that Paul had denied her access to the money in her bank accounts. She claimed that she had moved to the United States to visit Paul’s family, but he had forced her to stay. The Brazilian reality star admitted that she was terrified of her husband and that she feared for her life.

Karine confessed that she was afraid of leaving the United States because of Paul, and she reasoned that even if she managed to leave the country, Paul would still track her down in Brazil. Karine also accused Paul’s mother of covering up her son’s immoral behavior. She declared that she did not want any contact with Paul or his family because they would seek revenge by trying to harm her and her son. Karine’s allegations have shocked "90 Day Fiancé" viewers. Many fans now feel that her relationship with Paul is on borrowed time. If Paul is found guilty over the rape and domestic violence allegations, he could face a jail term of up to four years.