Erika has taken to her Instagram account to share photos of her new boyfriend, Chris. The reality show star looked very happy in the photo as her boyfriend carried her. She wore a rainbow jacket and black jeans while he wore a yellow T-shirt and black jeans. She said, in the caption, that her boyfriend made her feel every color of the rainbow and she couldn't wait for them to see the world together.

The "90 Day Fiancé" star left a note for haters as well. She asked her followers to leave any bi-phobic comments at the door and assured them that she was still bisexual and being with Chris did not invalidate her sexuality.

Fellow cast members, like Syngin Colchester and Deavan Clegg, congratulated Erika on her new relationship. According to In Touch Weekly, Ashley Smith, Varya Malina, and Usman Umar, known as "Sojaboy" also congratulated the new love birds.

Erika and Stephanie split on '90 day Fiancé'

Also according to In Touch Weekly, Erika and her former girlfriend, Stephanie, broke up in May after Stephanie refused to introduce Erika, as her lover, to her mother. Stephanie was not ready to reveal her sexuality to her mother. She said that she loved her mother and could not do it through a computer screen. She preferred to do it in person. Erika recalled a similar time she was in a relationship for ten years with another girl and didn't it want to be a secret ever again.

After their split, Stephanie said she would always love Erika. In Touch Weekly reported that Stephanie addressed haters later on her Instagram stories. She said that she wasn't a heartless person but just loved differently. She also said she was the most loyal person, when in love. Even though their relationship crumbled, Stephanie and Erika made history as the first-ever same-gender couple on the TLC show, "90 Day Fiancé."

Negative comments on Erika new post

Erika posted a selfie of herself on her Instagram.

She also posted pictures of herself with her new boyfriend. One of her followers dropped a negative comment saying that Chris wasn't cute but "hopefully he treats her better than Stephanie!" The reality star replied to the comment saying that her boyfriend was cute and the hater should leave him alone. Another fan angrily asked what was wrong with Erika's haters.

The fan said that Erika and Chris looked very attractive and that she was sure the haters weren't as attractive as Erika or Chris. Do you agree with the hater? Do you think Chris would treat Erika better than Stephanie did?

What do you think about the couple, Erika and Chris? What do you think about how Erika and Stephanie broke up? What do you think of the negative comment on Erika's post? Do you think Erika and Chris are cute together?