Elizabeth's father and brother landed in Moldova for the very first time on the "90 Day Fiancé" show. According to TV Insider, Elizabeth's father, Chuck, told TLC cameras that he never, in his life, thought he'd go to Moldova so being there was "surreal." Charlie, Lib's brother, said that it was unlike their home of Tampa, Florida.

Charlie also said that, before Andrei met Lib, they had never heard of Moldova. He said that Andrei met Elizabeth online and everything went fast. Charlie was curious to know how Andrei would act in Moldova.

Andrei says Elizabeth asked him not to get a job

At the dining table, Andrei's family brought up the topic of Andrei not being willing to get a job. Andrei defended himself, saying that he had a family, and someone needed to stay at home. Chuck immediately asked Andrei's family if that was the way things were done in Moldova and they said they were not. Andrei's family suggested that Elizabeth looked for a job, for him, in America. In response, Elizabeth said that her father had offered Andrei several jobs which he declined. When Andrei's family asked why Andrei declined the job offers, Chuck said that Andrei did it because he thought that he would be under his thumb. Chuck continued, saying that it was Andrei's pride.

Elizabeth's brother, Charlie, sarcastically said that sitting on the couch playing video games was a lot easier.

The "90 Day Fiancé" cast's family said that he told them that America was a place of good opportunities and they were surprised that Lib was working while he stayed at home.

Elizabeth complains that Andrei was always angry

Andrei said that it was Elizabeth's idea for him to stay at home and take care of the baby. The "90 Day Fiancé" cast member expressed anger as he said that Elizabeth was okay with him staying at home and only decided to speak up at the table. Elizabeth replied to him, saying that her decision for him to stay at home was supposed to be temporary and she wanted him to go get a job now.

She also complained that he once liked to be productive and go out but he didn't do that anymore and it made him angry all the time - this was affecting her. Andrei asked Elizabeth why she wanted to get married the second time and, before he could complete his sentence, she said she was fine with not getting married the second time.

Previously, Andrei pressured Elizabeth to tell her father to fund their Moldovan wedding and Chuck agreed after he saw his daughter crying.