Even though her time on "90 Day Fiancé" ended, Fernanda Flores is still popular with many of the show’s fans. The Mexican reality star appeared on the sixth season of "90 Day Fiancé" alongside her boyfriend at the time, Jonathan Rivera. The couple tied the knot when the season ended, but their relationship did not last. Earlier this year, the two reality stars announced that they had finalized their divorce.

Many fans felt sorry for Fernanda after she shared the news about her separation with Jonathan. However, the popular reality star appears to have bounced back from her failed marriage.

She recently posted a stunning picture on Instagram which saw many fans compare her to a famous American artist. There were rumors about Fernanda and Jonathan appearing on "Happily Ever After," which ultimately come out as untrue. Meanwhile, on "Happily Ever After's" latest episode fans witnessed Paul and Karine in action, reports Eonline.

Fernanda in sexy pose

In her latest picture, Fernanda struck a sexy pose while dressed in a retro blue jean outfit. Fans praised Fernanda’s striking appearance, and she looks like Selena Gomez. Many of Fernanda’s followers pointed out that she had similar facial features to the successful music artist. Some fans also ask if she is a secret sister of Selena Gomez.

To caption the picture, Fernanda wrote, “Real eyes realize real lies.” Some "90 Day Fiancé" viewers speculated that the Mexican reality star had directed the cryptic message to her ex-husband, Jonathan. Three months after they finalized their divorce, the American reality star announced that he had proposed to another woman named Janelle Miller.

The couple had been dating for close to a year, and Jonathan finally proposed to his new girlfriend last month. While announcing the proposal, the American reality star claimed that asking Janelle to marry him was the easiest decision he had made in his life. The comments appear to have irritated Fernanda, and fans feel that her latest post was meant to call out her ex-husband for lying to her during their marriage.

In the lead up to their divorce, Fernanda accused Jonathan of physically abusing her when they were together. The Mexican reality star claimed that she had tried to hide her husband’s abusive traits from her family, but she eventually disclosed her marriage problems to her mother.

Jonathan's claim

On his part, Jonathan denied the abuse allegations that Fernanda had leveled against him. Instead, he claimed he had always treated her respectfully when they were together. The American reality star revealed that although he loved Fernanda, the couple changed and grew apart after they got married, which made their divorce inevitable. The two reality stars have been trying to move on from their disastrous marriage, and Jonathan has expressed optimism that he will finally be happy with his new girlfriend.

Even though Fernanda has maintained that she is still single, fans have speculated that she could be dating a former Bachelorette contestant named Clay Harbor. After seeing her latest Instagram picture, "90 Day Fiancé" viewers expect Fernanda to have a new boyfriend in the next few months.